Unique ways to craft wood lamps and lights

We offer a selection of handmade wooden lamps and lights that you can make as a weekend project using basic tools and materials you can find at your nearest Builders, or source locally. 




Meranti is laminated together using biscuit joints to create a solid block with no visible fixings for this stunning desk lamp. LED strips mounted on the side sections provide plenty of illumination for a desk top. Stand the desk lamp upright or horizontally, or even mount onto the wall for decorative wall sconces.



A novel way to recycle a reclaimed wood pallet is to make this mason jar chandelier for above a dining table. The length of the  jars can be adjusted to any height.




Make your own contemporary desk lamp using meranti blocks. LED  strips are mounted in channels on the top section and are hidden out of sight. All the sections are joined using biscuit joints and dowels so that the lamp has no visible screws.


Burnt wood and small wood blocks combine to create a stunning table lamp design. The gaps between each piece of wood lets the light flow in all directions.


The Bau lamp is a sculptural hanging lamp designed by Vibeke Fonnisbegr Schmidt. The creator combines colour, composition and interlocking geometric shapes in a unique and creative design.



A unique desk lamp is handmade from hardwood joined together by a cross joint and a steel base that brings out the natural tones of the wood. The simple lines and natural material allow this lamp to complement almost any type of decor.


In this solid block of meranti a channel has been cut out to allow for mounting two LED strips that flood the area with soft light. The long, narrow design makes this light perfect for suspending over a bar, dining table, or kitchen countertop.

Meranti offcuts, with their warm, reddish brown colour, are stacked to create a one-of-a-kind table lamp.  The soft lighting is supplied via 8 miniature LEDs discretely mounted in the top 4 sections of the lamp.

This 3-globe box light is perfect for over a countertop or worktop, desk or a dining table and can be made using any type of wood. What gives this hanging light a unique finish is the burnt wood effect. You can easily do this with a blowtorch. The lamp holders and wiring can all be found at your local Builders store.



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