Make a circular rag rug

Rag rugs are fun to make and you can use old clothes to weave your own colourful rag rug for the home.


This gorgeous circular rag rug from a piece of rainbow is easy to make and it's made with old t-shirts and clothes in a similar fabric. Because it's made from old clothes, it's easy to care for - simply hand wash or machine wash on a gentle cycle, and hang it in an airy spot to dry.

To make the rag rug you will need to make a circular template out of cardboard - or you can use a hula-hoop. You will also need plenty of t-shirt yarn, and you will find instructions for making your own t-shirt yarn here.

The method used for making this rag rug isn't difficult, and once you layout the threads on the cardboard template or hula-hoop, it's just a matter of weaving over and under with a twist in a circular pattern - see below.

You will want to complete full circles with a single colour, as this helps keep the shape looking more uniform once you place the rug on the floor. It is also very important not to pull the yarn too much as you weave, as it may bunch up. Keep an even tension from beginning to end. If it does start to bunch up, start again from where you see this start to happen.



When you need to join lengths of t-shirt yarn together, cut a slit in the two pieces and thread them together - see below. Continue weaving and try to ensure that joined sections only show on the underside of the rug.

Continue to weave more t-shirt yarn until you reach the desired size, whether you are making a chair pad or rag rug.

When you reach the end, tie a knot in the t-shirt yarn - making sure this will be at the back when you're done. Cut off any excess fabric.

Don't stress if the outer edge seems like it’s curling up. Once all the knots are tied it should flatten out. If necessary, lie flat and use a steam iron on medium heat to flatten.

Cut the main cords on the cardboard template or hula-hoop and knot these around the edge of your rug. You want this to be as neat as possible and all excess yarn trimmed off.

GOOD TO KNOW: Any knots or joined sections should be on the back side of your rug.

Finish off your new rag rug with colourful pom-poms. Pom-poms are easy to make with leftover wool or yarn. To attach to your rag rug, tie them through any part of the rug and knot off at the back.



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