How to make a pom-pom

They're cute, they're cuddly and you can use pom-poms in so many ways. This one is courtesy of  Mini Eco, and you simply must visit this website if you are looking for colourful ideas for paper projects.

1. You need to cut two cardboard ‘doughnuts’. Ours measured about 8cm in diameter but you can experiment with different sizes. Needless to say the bigger the doughnut the bigger the pompom. Put the doughnuts together and start winding the wool around them (we were lacking in patience that day so we wrapped four stands of wool at a time!).

2. Keep going.

3. Keep going…you can switch colour if you want.



4. Pop your scissors between the two pieces of cardboard and cut all the way around the edge. Be careful at this point…don’t let it fall apart.

5. Cut a long strand of wool and put it between the two pieces of cardboard. Tie in a knot and pull tight. Knot again.

6. Remove cardboard and fluff up!