Upcycle plastic tub lids into coasters

Having just completed an easy DIY project for making coasters and place mats using jute or rope, I still had some rope left over and decided to use this in another way. Upcycle the lids from plastic tubs or containers into coasters - just another easy way to recycle plastic in a home.



Roll of rope, jute or twine
Plastic tub or container lids
Dremel Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks
Silicone mat






1. Apply a bead of hot glue to the centre of the tub lid and secure the end of the rope at this point.

2. Coil the rope around, adding a bead of hot glue as you work to secure the rope to the plastic tub or container lid.

3. Repeat this until you have completely filled the lid with coiled rope. Cut off the end and secure in place with a small bead of hot glue.

Another idea that I came up with for using my leftover rope was to upcycle a mouse pad into a place mat. Using the same method of coiling and wrapping rope I hot glued the rope onto the mouse pad.