Home decor in a can

As you know, I'm always looking for great ways to recycle, and this project puts tin cans to use as attractive plant holders for a kitchen windowsill or side table.




Empty, clean can, label removed
Puffy paint or hot glue gun and glue stick
Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint
Hammer and a large wire nail
Small plant or herb
Potting soil




Step 1
Using the puffy paint or hot glue, add some designs to the cans. I prefer puffy paint over hot glue only because the hot glue strings can be a pain, but I believe in using what you have. No need to pay for puffy paint if you have already have something that will work.

Step 2
After the designs have dried, spray paint the cans. I went with white, but a mix of colours would be really pretty too.

Step 3
Using a nail and hammer, add a few drainage holes to the bottom of the cans. Pop some potting soil into the bottom of the can and pop in your plant or herbs.