Unusual yet practical ways to recycle glass Wine Bottles

If you love to recycle, try one of these unusual yet practical ideas to recycle glass wine bottles.


We have quite a few recycling craft ideas in our Recycled Craft section, but there are always new ideas that keep popping up for ingenious ways to re-purpose glass wine bottles.

Glass Wine Bottle Storage Containers

Hard to believe that these glass storage containers were once just your average wine bottle. Designer Martin Jakobson uses recycled items to create aesthetically pleasing and innovative pieces that can be used in any home. With a philisophy of simple yet functional, you can quite easily replicate these storage containers using glass wine bottles.





These Luno glass storage containers are perfect for storing dry goods. The stopper is made using cork, which is relatively easy to work with, but you can easily create your own stopper recycling any ball shape (ping pong balls, rubber balls, polystyrene balls, etc)

Gather together your clear glass wine bottles, remove any labels and then cut off the tops with a glass bottle cutter that you can make yourself or buy.


Glass Wine Bottle Self-Watering Planters

If you're like me and often forget to water your plants, these self-watering planters are ideal. Glass wine bottles are cut in half and arranged so that you can add a cotton wick that waters your plants as and when they need it. You can also re-purpose plastic bottles into self-watering planters.


Planters for Home Bar or Kitchen Countertop

Glass wine bottles can be used to make your own unique planters that would look perfect on a counter in your home bar, or on your kitchen countertop.




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