Shoe storage rack from old pallets

Love this project ! How easy to make a quick and easy storage rack for next to the kitchen door for muddy shoes, or painted in bright colours for a bedroom.


You can find pallets all over the place. Used for carting heavy products such as bricks, tiles, timber and such, they're normally dumped outside in the yard until the finally fall apart and get thrown away. Being a big recycling nut, I am always on the lookout for ways to use pallets and this project is just one more way to recycle them into usable and practical furniture.


4 or 5 pallets - depending upon the condition
Drill/Driver plus assorted drill and screw bits
Jigsaw or handsaw
Multi sander or orbital sander plus 120- and 220-git sandpaper
Wire nails
Wood glue




1. You want one good pallet for this project. The reason I say that you should grab 4 to 5 pallets for this project is that not all pallets are in good condition and you may need to steal from one to make a completely decent one.

2. Use a hammer to loosen the planks and then hammer in wire nails to add planks here and there.

3. It's a good idea to spend some time sanding the pallets before you paint them, as they will be full of rough edges and splinters.