How to make your own mats or rugs

As I write about reducing carbon footprint and looking for sustainable options, I find my own attitude changing; I am more aware of finding more affordable and eco-friendly alternatives to many products that are used in the home. While I made my cotton crochet rug for the bathroom, it pales in comparison to the rug ideas and designs that I came across the other day...

Take a look at a few rug designs made by Morgan at King Soleil. Named after her two children, Kingston and Soleil, she shares intricately handmade, one-of-a-kind treasures for you and the little ones in the world. The design focus blends modern lines and colour with a child safe, eco-conscious, family friendly sensibility. My goal? Rather than tromping through our planet in clunky archaic boots, let’s lighten our carbon footprint for this generation and that of our children by gliding in feather light stilettos.

The outdated schema of recycling; muddy brown paper, muted colour, and ill-fitting hand-me-downs is long gone. Elegance and modernism are brought to life incorporating upcycled, organic, and sustainable materials with traditional, age-old crafts and techniques.



I am following the instructions in Morgan's post to make a denim rug for my main bathroom. Having practiced crochet with my new super-large crochet hook, I am feeling a bit more confident, although not quite at experienced level, and felt like trying another project. Who knows, one day I might be able to make a rug that looks like those above!