Quick Project: Pallet Wall Clock

Use reclaimed pallets to make this stunning wall clock.



This gorgeous, rustic wall clock is made using blocks of wood cut from reclaimed pallets. That means it doesn't cost anything to make apart from the mechanism and hands. Plus, if you have an old clock lying around you can pinch the movement and hands from this for a wall clock that costs nothing to make!

All you need to make your own wall clock is 9 blocks cut evenly from your reclaimed pallet. Try to select good pieces that aren't too damaged around the edges.

GOOD TO KNOW: Check that your clock hands fit nicely within the shape, or add more blocks for larger clock hands.





1. On the centre block, where the clock movement will be mounted, you will need to trim off the face to a thickness of around 5mm. Use a mitre saw or table saw to do this.

2. Put the face of the centre block aside for now while you drill out a square hole in the back piece where the clock movement will be placed. Refer to the clock movement itself for the size you need to cut out.

3. Drill holes at the four corners and cut out the remainder with a jigsaw.

4. Drill a hole in the centre face for the clock movement to be inserted. Use epoxy adhesive to glue the clock movement to the back of the centre face.

5. Apply a bead of wood glue around the edge of the drilled out piece and place this over the clock movement and onto the back of the centre face.

6. Clamp the assembled block together and leave overnight.

7. Use a sharp wood chisel to remove wood on the back of the blocks for mounting the back frame. This frame is used to hold all the blocks together. The back for this wall clock is cut from a scrap piece of plywood.

8. Secure the back frame in place with wood glue and leave for a couple of hours. Place a heavy object on top to press the frame firmly on top of the blocks.

9. Drive a screw through each of the blocks for secure mounting of the frame to the blocks to hold all the pieces together.

GOOD TO KNOW: Clamp the blocks as you work.

10. Cover up the centre clock movement in order to apply your choice of finishing. Most pallets are made from pine and take on their own charm as they age. A couple of coats of clear sealer or varnish is all that is needed to enhance details. Once dry, pop on the clock hands and mount your clock on the wall.



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