Mosaic picture frames with CDs

Ha! I knew that old pile of CDs would come in handy one day. Use CDs and glass paint to make colourful mosaic picture frames, or decorate plain boxes with a mosaic pattern. Dig out your old CDs and get crafting this weekend.


Old CDs
Coloured glass paint (@ craft and hobby stores)
Glass varnish
Craft glue - or any glue that dries transparent
Picture frame




1. Use a paintbrush to apply glass paint to the top of the CDs. You will need at least 5 for a small picture frame.

2. Cover the entire CD top with a coat of glass paint and put aside to dry. You want the paint to be completely dry before you cut up the CDs.

You can use any colour of glass paint for this project, or even combine different colours.

3. Once the paint is dry cut the CDs into strips of 1cm x 2cm and 2cm x 2cm. There is no rule here about the size and it all depends on the size and width of the frame you are going to be using.

4. Cut all your CDs into strips and don't worry too much about them being perfect. The beauty of mosaic is that it doesn't have to be perfect!

5. Paint the front and sides of your picture frame with a flat black acrylic paint. This will enhance the colour of the mosaic tiles.

6. Working in small sections at a time, brush on craft glue and position the mosaic pieces onto the frame. You can move them around to fit nicely and trim the cut pieces to fit.

7. Continue adding mosaic pieces until the frame is complete. As mentioned before, you can cut the cut sections smaller to fit into difficult spots if you need to.

8. Cover the mosaic top and sides with a layer of glass varnish. This also helps to fill in any gaps and adds shine to the sides of the frame.

How easy was that ! Now you can go and dig out all those old CDs that you stored over the years. Who needs them anymore!