Newspaper Bouquet

I love these fun paper flowers that are sooo easy to make and cost nothing! They create a whimsical and pretty arrangement for any room. You can put them in a vase or wrap them on a package. And I love the look of printed book pages. Perfect!






These pretty paper flowers are made using a newspaper, recycling an old book or you can even use magazines that you have lying around. If the room needs a splash of colour, use coloured paper to make the flowers and pop them into a vase for display on a coffee table or shelf.




Pages from an old, unused book or newspaper

Glue gun










1. Rip off several pages from your book or newspaper (that have print on both sides) and make sure they are stacked evenly. Cut the pages, all at once - so they are the same size - into even strips that are about 5cm wide. Then cut tiny little strips 3/4 of the way into the paper all the way down.


2. Roll the strip up, pretty tight, pinching the bottom as you go.


3. Tape the bottom tightly. Stick a pencil in the middle and pull open the sides to spread it out like a flower. Set this aside.


4. Next you will repeat the same steps with another cut strip, only this time when you roll it up, roll it not so tight. You want to leave an opening to slip the first rolled layer into. Open this one up also. First the bottom of the first rolled layer into this layer's opening and secure tightly with a small blob of glue.


5. If you want an even thicker flower, you can repeat the above steps again, with the third layer having an even bigger hole. Spread out the layers to your liking. You can also trim some of the inner layers for a more feathered effect.


6. Next, I hot glued some vintage buttons onto the centres. They really finish off the look! From there I hot glued the flowers into a small vase. It looks great on my bookshelves!