Upcycle lampshade frames into plant stands

If, like me, you enjoy browsing secondhand stores you'll know that you can pick up lampshades for practically nothing. This project shows how to use old lampshade wire frames to make trendy plant stands.




Wire lampshade frames

Cutter pliers

Rust-Oleum spray paint in your choice of colour

Potted plants to fit into frames




1. Use cutting pliers to remove the lamp housing from the top (centre) of the frame. If you find this difficult to do using pliers, use a Dremel MultiTool and cutting disc.

2. Put down some newspaper and spray your plant stands using Rust-Oleum spray paint. Copper metallic is trendy right now and you will find Rust-Oleum Metallics at your local Builders.

3. If you are potting up your own bought plants, make sure the pots fit into the frame before potting your new plants. This is the time of year when bulbs can be found at your local nursery, so be sure to include a colourful bulb or two in your display.


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