Recycle Boxes to Make Gift Boxes

The cost of ready-made gift boxes makes it an expensive purchase for many, but rather save the money and make gift boxes recycling boxes you probably already have at home.




Ready-made gift boxes are quite expensive, sometimes costing even more than the gift does! Since we are all looking for ways to 'do our bit' when it comes to recycling and upcycling, why not start saving boxes that can be used to make gift boxes for birthdays, celebrations and the festive season.

When putting together this project, I wanted to include paper maché boxes that could be bought and then decorated, but imagine my surprise to find that paper maché boxes cost so much that it just isn't feasible to buy them, paint or wrap them and use them for gift boxes. With a cost price of around R300 for a single box, who wants to spend that much just for the gift box!







There are all types of boxes that can be recycled to make gift boxes, you can use anything from shoeboxes to boxes that contain items you have bought. I wouldn't recommend using thin cardboard boxes such as cereal boxes, as these don't come out looking great.




Reasonably thick cardboard boxes, square or round

Acrylic craft paint, white

Assorted paintbrushes

Wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper or fabric scraps

ModgePodge or clear acrylic sealer




Shoe boxes make the best gift boxes. Their sturdy design and reasonably thick cardboard are perfect for painting and decorating with wrapping paper or fabric. - 712483603530723838/







1. Before painting or wrapping the box with wrapping paper or fabric, you need to prime the box by painting white. This will prevent any detail on the box from showing through. Apply 2 to 3 coats of white craft paint, or enough to ensure any details on the box are no longer visible. Let the craft paint dry thoroughly before applying any additional coats of paint.



2. Once the box is painted and dry, you can start applying the wrapping paper or fabric. Don't try to cover the box with a large sheet or scrap of fabric, but rather cut these into manageable pieces. When applying ModPodge or sealer to the box, don't apply too little or too much. If too little, the paper or fabric will not stick down properly and if too much, you risk the chance of spoiling the paper or fabric.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you haven't done anything like this before, have a spare box handy that you can practice with.



3. After wrapping the boxes, leave these overnight for the sealer to dry thoroughly. This step is optional, but I prefer to finish off my gift boxes with a couple of coats of ModPodge or sealer for protection.



There are so many colourful wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper or fabric options for making gift boxes and you can use paint to paint the lids in contrasting colours.


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For a unique box, why not cover the base of the box with wrapping paper or fabric and then use lightweight batting to make a padded top - complete with tassel in matching colours. - 305259680989296139/


If you enjoyed yourself so much with this that you want to make more... shoeboxes are great for storage! - 627126316851253267/




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