Recycle ice cream containers or plastic tubs

What a great way to recycle ice cream containers or plastic tubs. Someday Crafts covers them with old patterns and add bright bows to use them for storing all her patterns.



Plastic tubs
Mod Podge or clear acrylic sealer
Paint brush
fabric for bows
hot glue gun




Step 1
Cover the plastic tub with a liberal layer of Mod Podge.

Step 2
Lay a piece of pattern over the area covered in Mod Podge. Press it down firmly with your fingers or the paintbrush.

Note: Patterns are very thin so be a gentle.
Don't worry about having to fold the pattern over on itself - that will happen. As for the wrinkling...don't worry about that either. Wrinkles happen and it's ok. It will give your bins texture and character. Use large pattern pieces first and then fill in any blank areas with smaller pieces. Do this until your entire bin is covered with patterns.

Step 4
When your bin is covered go over the entire surface with Mod Podge. This will give the frail pattern paper a protective layer that will become hard and prevent your bin from getting rips and tears. Plus it makes it look shiny and cool. As each layer dries, add two or three layers in total.

Step 5
Hot glue a big old ribbon to the front. I used strips of scrap fabric to make mine.