Pendant shade with plastic spoons

We are getting more and more inventive with ideas for repurposing plastic waste. Found on the Internet, this is a fun way to use plastic spoons to create a pendant light.




Who knew that plastic spoons could be used in such an inventive way. If your company has a function, or you hold an event, save the plastic spoons. Even if you don't want to try this project yourself, perhaps a family member or friend might light to do it.

You will need an empty plastic water bottle or juice container that has been cleaned and dried. It's also better to remove any labels, as these will show through if you leave them on.

Cut off the handle part of each plastic spoon. The only part you need to create the pendant lamp is the spoon section. Use a craft knife or sharp knife to remove and leave a neat edge.

If the water bottle has markings or grooves, you can use these to help lay the spoons accurately around the container. If not, draw lines with a marker pen to guide you. Look at the design above to see how the spoons overlap on each row.

For around the neck of the bottle you need to glue the spoons together so that they fit over the bottle.

Now all that's left to do is to fit your lamp holder and wiring. Only use an energy efficient CFL lamp in the light, as other globes heat up too much.