Old glass gets a new look

Give old glassware and accessories a new life and add something quirky and colourful to your dining table.



Whether you buy colourful glass at secondhand stores, online sales, pawn shops, or shop around for inexpensive bargains, you can use these pieces to make your own unique table decor and accessories. In this project we show you how to turn colourful vases, glasses and plates into glass platters, glass cake stands and cupcake display stands.




All you need for this project is some 120-grit sandpaper and some 10-minute epoxy glue.

Make sure to remove any labels with Goo Gone or mineral spirits and then wash, rinse and dry all your glassware before you begin.

Lightly sand the areas where the epoxy glue will be applied and wipe clean. Mix the epoxy glue according to the manufacturer's recommendations. If you buy Alcolin Rapid Epoxy at your local Builders it comes in an easy mix applicator. Have a toothpick, matchstick or similar handy to mix the 2-part epoxy and apply to one of the sections to be joined.

Press firmly in place and hold for a few minutes. Make sure that the pieces will hold together for the full 10-minutes for the epoxy glue to cure. If you can clamp the pieces this will make it easier.


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