Upcycle old furniture into statement pieces

Don't throw out an old piece of furniture when you can upcycle with a new look to transform it into a statement piece for your home.


Upcycling furniture is today's hottest hobby and it's also a way to turn old pieces of furniture into statement pieces. In this project take a secondhand cabinet and transform it into a trendy console that would look perfect in a living room, family room or hallway.

To tackle this transformation you're going to need a few tools and supplies:


An old piece of furniture

Chalk paint

Rope, leather or rubber cord

Legs for the finished project




Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Orbital sander plus 120- and 180-grit sandpaper

Painting tools and equipment

Tape measure and pencil


1. Before you begin the transformation, take off any knobs or handles, as well as hinges and hardware. You also need to remove the doors, back panel and shelves. All you need for this particular project is the body of the piece.

GOOD TO KNOW:  Put the legs aside if you plan to use these again later.



2. If there is any damage to the piece and you want to fix this up, do this before sanding. Then you can use your sander to lightly sand all the remaining sections before applying paint.

3. For this project we added some paracord to add a trendy design. To do this, start by marking out the drill holes through which the cords will go through. Use your tape measure or steel ruler to mark two opposite-facing rows of crosses at equidistant on the top and underside of your cabinet.

GOOD TO KNOW: You can run the rows of cord horizontally or vertically – or in both directions as shown here, with the left half running horizontally and the right half running vertically.



4. Use a drill bit that is the same diameter as your rope, cord or leather and drill holes at your marks.

5. Now you are ready to paint the cabinet. You can use an acrylic paint, chalk paint or spray paint - the choice is yours. However, do choose a paint that is dark enough to hide the grain, unless you prefer to have it still show through the paint.

6.  The paracord used for this project is a light tan colour that will stand out against the Chalked carbon grey colour used to paint the cabinet. Thread the cord through the holes to form your choice of pattern. Make sure to secure the cord at both ends with a simple knot.

GOOD TO KNOW: The knots will be less noticeable if knotted towards the back of the underside of the cabinet.

7. Choose the perfect legs to finish off your design and screw these onto the base of the cabinet. We added legs finished with a gold spray paint to match the colour of the cords.

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