Make your own wooden lids

Recycling glass food jars is a great way to repurpose, but not all jars have nice tops. In this article you'll find out how to make your own wooden lids for when recycling glass jars and containers, or anything else that needs an attractive lid.


When recycling glass food jars or repurposing a beautiful jar or pot, you don't always have a lid to finish off the project. Here's how to make your own wooden lid to fit into any size container.



1. To make the lid you need a piece of timber at least 21mm thick. If you don't have this thickness, you can glue several pieces together, gluing and clamping and leaving overnight.

2. Mark the centre of your timber and use the circle attachment with your router. Most routers include these as part of the kit.

3. Measure your jar or container to determine the total size of the lid required, and the size of the lip to hold the lid firmly in place.

4. With a cutting bit cut to a total depth of 15mm, using several runs to achieve the total depth. Reduce the size of the circle to router a smaller circle to a depth of about 10mm. The smaller circle will be the lip of the lid.

5. Go back to the larger (outer) circle and cut all the way through.

6. Use an 8mm round-over bit to round off the edges of the top of the lid.

7. Repeat for the lip using a 5mm round-over bit.

8. Sand with lid with 120- and then 240-grit sandpaper until silky smooth.

9. Finish off the lid with a couple of coats of matt or satin polyurethane sealer, oil or wax.

10. For a tight fit, wrap a few elastic bands around the lip to hold the lid firmly in the container.


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