Repurpose your old Woollens

As winter slowly draws to a close, before you toss out those holey woollens, take a look at how you can repurpose or reuse them.


Knitted accessories are so expensive these days, and it seems such a waste to toss them out when they get holes or start to come unravelled. We decided to look for ways to repurpose and upcycle those winter woollens in new ways, whether it's turning them into a winter coat for your pampered pet, or into cushion covers.

A throw will always come in handy and what an easy way to make use of that old jersey or sweater. Combine your woollens, fabric scraps and pieces of felt into a wonderfully warm blanket or throw for next winter.



Cushions are another great way to repurpose old woollens, plus they add texture to your decorating scheme.

I found a lovely post on tidbits that explains how to make your own sweater cushions, and also how to sew them together so that they don't bunch up or become wavy around the edges.

If you have pets - cats or dogs - you can turn old sweaters into comfortable, cosy pet beds. All you need is some stuffing, sewing needle and thread, and I found easy instructions here

If, like me, you're useless at knitting but love the knitted pouf look, take and old sweater and fill it up with stuffing before closing off the top and bottom to make your own easy knitted pouf or floor cushions.

Add a fun touch to your living spaces by covering plain lampshades with colourful scraps of woollen fabrics from thinner winter accessories. Only use this crafty idea with energy-saving light fittings.

Raggedy sweaters make the perfect toys for little children. They're soft and cuddly and don't require much effort to transform them into pretty playthings the kids will love.

There are so many ways to repurpose, reuse and upcycle old woollens in new ways. Don't throw them out - if you're not crafty you can still donate your old woollens to a needy organisation, and they can use or reuse them.


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