Turn An Old Piano Seat Into A Hairdressing Station

Here's how you can re-purpose an old piece of furniture, in this case, a piano seat, into a modern stool that is also a hairdressing station for all your hair stuff.



martha stewart


Don't you just love it when you find a less than ordinary piece of furniture like a piano seat and can turn it into a practical hairdressing station and stool in one? I love dual-purpose furniture, those pieces that look like they only serve one purpose and then you open them up and voilĂ ... surprise storage.

This ordinary piano seat is great for storing a wide selection of grooming and accessories that you use every day and it keeps them neatly organised and out of sight, just where you need them.



Not originally designed with comfort in mind, the only thing this piano seat needed was a comfortable cushion and a few coats of chalk paint to have it looking right at home in the bedroom.




Piano seat or bench or any similar piece of furniture

Wood filler for any repairs

Sandpaper 120- and 240-grit or medium and light sanding sponge

Chalk paint in your choice of colour

Top coat or polyurethane sealer

Foam and fabric for the seat

Hot glue gun

Tape measure and pencil









Before starting on this project, take the time to assess the seat and whether or not it needs any repairs. Perhaps the legs might be a bit loose and need some wood glue or screws tightening, or maybe there is a bit of surface damage that can be touched up with wood filler - or epoxy wood putty if there are gouges or chips of wood missing.


Step 1

Lightly sand the entire seat with 120-grit sandpaper to de-gloss the finish and then with 240-grit to make it nice and smooth. Even though sanding before applying paint isn't absolutely essential, it does give a longer-lasting finish and removes any blemishes. Unless, of course, you want these to remain and add character to the finished project.


Step 2

Wipe clean before painting to remove all traces of dust and then apply 2 coats of chalk paint in your selected colour. Let the first coat dry thoroughly before applying the second coat.


Step 3

Depending on the finish you want, once the paint is dry you can lightly sand to remove the brush strokes.


Step 4

Apply the top coat or polyurethane sealer to protect the painted finish.


Step 5

Cut the foam to size and wrap it in your choice of fabric. Use a hot glue gun to secure this to the top of the seat.








To keep everything organised in the hidden seat storage, use see-through plastic containers to corral all your hair tools and equipment.






Use a re-purposed piano seat for storing items that you occasionally use but prefer to keep out of sight. It also makes a great bedside table with bedtime essentials storage inside the compartment that keep the top empty.




Give a piano seat - and the piano - a modern makeover with chalk paint. Love the faux sheepskin on the piano seat, and the newly painted piano and the piano seat now take pride of place in the home.




A more intricately design piano seat is treated to a coastal-theme makeover to give it a fresh new lease on life as an accent piece in a living room.




A little makeover magic with fabric, upholstery pins and paint and what was a boring piano seat is now a comfortable stool for a dressing table.






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