Repurposed salvage

Whether you get your salvaged goods from a salvage yard, or out of someone else's skip -- yes, I have done that! -- you will find amazing ways to repurpose salvaged building materials on the Internet.


A salvaged cottage window frame is repurposed into a practical coffee table. Of course, you will need to buy a small pane of safety glass, but otherwise all the pieces are salvaged.

Not always easy to come by, but if you discover a cable drum, these can be repurposed into very practical items for the home. Way back when I was given a cable drum that I repurposed into a table for the patio. No pics I'm afraid, as this was long before digital cameras were invented...!

This cable drum serves as a coffee table and bookcase - great idea.

Need a casual dining table... no problem. Cable drums can be found in all different sizes. This large cable drum is perfect if you need a dining table and blends perfectly with industrial or modern vintage decor.

By far one of the best repurposed cable drum ideas that I have come across is this one. A cable drum is repurposed into a drinks cabinet. The mosaic finish completely disguises the original drum and transforms it into a unique piece of practical furniture.

Not sure what to do with an old cot? If you have no one who needs it, turn it into a desk or craft station, or a daybed, or a playhouse, or a chalkboard...



And finally, for all our readers in the Cape, we can't forget the wine barrel. I found this repurposed wine barrel project on Instructables. Repurpose a wine barrel into an outdoor sink - perfect for the patio! But don't stop there... I love this idea for using a wine barrel as a hand basin for a guest bathroom.