Make a garden chair with pallets

Browse the Internet and you will find plenty of examples of garden chairs and furniture made by recycling pallets. Even here on Home-Dzine we have quite a few examples of using pallets for furniture. One of our readers, Paola, submitted her garden chair project using recycled pallets.


Just to show you how easy it is to make basic garden furniture using a timber pallet, here is how Paola made her chairs...

1. Start off by disassembling and breaking the pallets into usable pieces. You will probably find that some of the pieces are too damaged or cracked to be used.

2. Check for woodworm (small pin holes) and other creepy crawlies and get rid of these with a dose of Doom, before sanding down the pieces. Use 120-grit sandpaper to remove rough edges and then sand with 240-grit for a nice smooth finish.

3. After joining together sections for the seat, Paola then added legs to the front.



4. Lastly, the back was screwed onto the seat to finish her new garden chair.

Well done, Paola. Definitely a Craft Challenge entry and good luck...!