Recycle old blinds into lighting and furniture for a home.

Before you toss out those old aluminium, vertical, bamboo or wood blinds, take a look at ways to recycle these into unique light fittings and furniture for a home.


Here's a great way to recycle blinds to create a lightbox for indoor or outdoor use. What's nice about this project idea is that it allows you to control the level of light simply by opening or closing the blinds.

A basic rectangular box is crafted from wood and an inexpensive tube CFL light mounted inside. A light switch located on the inside of the box for switching the light on and off is accessed via a hinged panel at the back of the box. So easy, so simple, so practical.

Here's an example of how you can recycle vertical blinds and turn them into eye-catching pendant light fittings, or replace the old fashioned shade on a table or floor lamp.

Each and every product has unique characteristics depending on the type of reclaimed wood blind used for the project.



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