Cardboard tubes make serviette rings

These serviette rings are perfect for your dining table, or if you have a special event coming up. They are made from cardboard tubes wrapped in fabric. Recycle cardboard tubes from wrapping paper, tin foil or kitchen towel rolls and dress them up in colourful or patterned fabrics to match your decor.



Fabric and interfacing
Assorted buttons
Cardboard tube.
Needle and thread
Ruler and pencil
Scissors, cutter and cutting mat.
Craft glue and paintbrush
Sheet of paper (the thicker the best), or ribbon.






Cut the following for each serviette ring:
5cm from cardboard tube
9cm strip of fabric
4cm strip of interfacing

It's easy to cut the fabric with scissors or a knife and cutting mat. Hand sew the button onto the fabric. Make sure it is positioned in the centre and in the correct spot once the tube is wrapped. Allow for the seam to glue closed.

Use a paintbrush to apply a small amount of craft glue along one edge of the fabric to close the wrapping.

Cut the fabric to make it easier to glue to the inside of the cardboard tube. Apply glue to the edges of the fabric and fold nicely in. You may need to apply more glue if the fabric overlaps. Let the glue dry.

Using the brush, apply glue on the inside of the tube and place the interfacing on the inside. Apply more glue as needed and let dry.