Make your own concrete knobs

When times are tough - the tough get DIYing! Here's a way to put those incandescent light bulbs still sitting in a cupboard to good use, since we have now swapped over the more energy efficient lighting options. Use the bulbs to make concrete knobs.

Why on earth would you want to make concrete knobs I hear you say? You can use the knobs for furniture projects, or as wall hangers, or any other way you can think of to use them.



Use a pair of pliers to remove the bottom of the bulb. You will need to be careful and place the bulb on a towel or soft cloth so that it doesn't break. You also need to keep the screw-on part complete as well, as this becomes a part of the final design.

Fill up the globe with a not-too wet cement mixture. You can use Polycell RockSet for this project as well. As you pour in the mix, shake it around in the globe to remove as much trapped air as possible. Some air is fine as this adds to the finished look. Once filled, squeeze a lag bolt into the end. This will be used to secure the concrete knob to whatever project you want to add a unique touch.

Goggles and gloves on before breaking the glass and removing all the pieces. Place a bucket underneath to catch the broken glass and have a pair of pliers or tweezers on hand for picking off any small slivers of glass. Leave as is, or apply two coats of gloss polyurethane.