Recycle plastic shampoo bottles into pencil holders

Mom and kids can spend some quality time crafting these cute pencil and pen holders, and re-purpose plastic bottles at the same time. They’re easy to make and you can design your own monsters and then fill them with pencils and crayons.


Clean, plastic shampoo bottles

Fine-tip black permanent marker

Craft knife and scissors

Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint in your choice of colour

Craft glue

Coloured paper


*Bostik have a wide selection of embellishments that you can buy at your local supermarket, art supply store, or craft and hobby shop. You will find the full range of Rust-Oleum products at your local Builders store.




1. Use the permanent marker to draw a line around the top of a plastic bottle. If making more than one pencil holder vary the designs for different monster shapes.

2. Use sharp scissors to cut off the top of the bottle, just above the drawn line. This will make it easier to cut out the drawn shape.

3. If you are adding arms or ears, let mom make a slit in the plastic bottle with a craft knife.

4. Take the bottles outdoors and place on a sheet of newspaper to spray in your favourite Rust-Oleum colour. Leave to dry.

5. Finish with your own imagination using coloured paper and embellishments. Mix and match colours to give your monsters more personality.


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