Great Ideas using Leftover Bricks

Got some leftover bricks from a project and not sure what to do with them? Take a look at some great ideas for using leftover bricks.

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If you have recently completed a building project, or perhaps a friend of neighbour has, we have found some great ways to re-use those leftover bricks. Whether you only have a few bricks, or more than that, try one of these crafty ways to use up all those leftover bricks. - 566609196860509449/

You can also use air bricks to create wonderful planters  that can be placed at strategic locations around the garden for added interest. And these bricks don't necessarily require mortar to assemble - simply stack them on top of each other. - 488851734527877948/

You don't necessarily need a huge quantity of bricks to make an interesting pathway or walkway through the garden. Combine leftover bricks with other building materials to make a circular design for interest or as a small patio, or different materials and plants to soften the look of a pathway that winds through your garden. It makes the trip oh so more interesting. - 589690144931807403/

If you have amassed a collection of different types of bricks, or perhaps you have seen these at a salvage yard, these are wonderful for setting down a garden path through the garden. Fill in any blank spaces with pebbles, rocks or even a few groundcover plants for a dynamic colour contrast and eye-catching feature for the garden. - 671317888185621106/

If you only have a small quantity of leftover bricks, you can also use these to create a unique garden path that leads to a focal point or feature. - 491666484291819809/

Our local wildlife always appreciate a cool respite from the heat, and it is easy to stack up a pile of leftover bricks and top this off with a bird bath or tray for bird seed. - 538320961689572815/

Another way to attract local wildlife and insects to your garden is to establish a small butterfly garden. Stack up the bricks and pot up a suitable container with a selection of scented and known plants that attract butterflies. - 273101164889662461/



If you need a braai for outdoors in the garden, you don't need that many bricks to build a small braai. You don't even need any special skills to design and build a small braai. Collect together as many bricks as you can to see how small or large you can build the braai and then pop this off with a grill that you can buy at any Builders store. - 31454897367721829/ - 643170390508475321/

If you already have a braai for outdoor entertaining, why not make a cosy firepit for the winter. This is another project that doesn't require a large quantity of bricks. Use a steel firepit to hold the charcoal or firewood and simply lay the bricks in a circular shape around this. - 114067803045343466/



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