Art and Crafts with Nespresso Pods or Capsules

Way back in 2013, I ran a few articles on various arts and crafts that used Nespresso capsules and since then this craze has exploded even further with ideas for arts and crafts.






Almost since the day it was launched, the Nespresso coffee machine has garnered plenty of interest, whether it's viewers drooling over the ad featuring George Clooney, among others, or the impressive range of coffees that are available with the Nespresso machine. A huge side benefit of a Nespresso machine is how you can do so many arts and crafts using Nespresso capsules and upcycle to your heart's content.



If you are interested in some of the articles posted previously, click on any of the following links for more information on recycling crafts with Nespresso capsules, Nespresso jewellery crafts and festive crafts using Nespresso capsules, and even how they have used Nespresso capsules to craft a fully working bicycle.




And on that note, who wouldn't be interested in recycling when you end up with some of these stunning arts and crafts and even some that have gone on to be collectable works of art. Add to that the fact that Nespresso themselves have an active recycling campaign that focuses on recycling used Nespresso capsules to give them a new life, which is great to know since the aluminium capsules are not biodegradable, so hats off to them.



What can Nespresso Capsules be used for?

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Nespresso capsules are being used for arts and crafts. The aluminium capsules are versatile and already come in a selection of colours. And the good news is that even if you don't have a Nespresso machine of your own, perhaps you know someone who does and can save the capsules for you.



Nespresso Art and Sculptures



The array of Nespresso capsule colours has made them popular for use as an art form and artists are using the capsules in unique and unusual ways.



Not only are Nespresso capsules used for works of art, but they are also being used to create unique sculptures, as can be seen below.



Aluminium is a pliable and versatile material that is also rest-resistant, making it the ideal medium for many different arts and crafts.







Nespresso Home Decor Accessories

With a lot of people looking at recycling and upcycling as the norm rather than tossing out, using Nespresso capsules for home decor accessories seems a logical step. Although there are more than a few 'failed' examples out there. If you do plan on using Nespresso capsules to make decor accessories for your home, take the time to plan and execute the project so that it becomes something that looks bought and not made.



Nespresso capsules are manufactured using aluminium, mainly because this keeps the coffee fresh, and aluminium will not rust thereby making it an excellent material for crafting for both indoor and outdoor projects.



Votive and candle holders are another popular project using Nespresso coffee capsules and if you fancy doing this yourself, you will find plenty of ideas on the web.









Fashion and Accessories

As with most crafts these days, there will always be a way to include fashion accessories into the mix and coffee capsules are most definitely trending when it comes to these items. You will find Nespresso capsules made into jewellery, handbags, belts and more.



Handbags, shoulder bags, purses, and clutch bags, you will find coffee capsules adorning fashion accessories everywhere, so much so that they have almost become a trend on their own.



Chokers, necklaces, earrings, rings, headbands and anything else you can imagine, all can be created using coffee capsules to create the ultimate custom jewellery pieces for little cost.





Festive and Holiday Decorations

And finally, of course, we couldn't leave festive and holiday decorations off this page. I found some beautiful decorations made using coffee capsules and most all are easy to make.



Wreaths, garlands, tree ornaments and holiday decorations, coffee capsules are great for recycling into decorations for the home.






Christmas and the festive season, Valentine's day, Mother's day, Easter, Halloween and other seasonal holidays - you are sure to find ideas for using coffee capsules for these occasions.



Start collecting used coffee capsules or cups and start crafting your own unique arts or decorations.





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