Best recycled can ideas

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ideas for recycling aluminium or tin cans into creations for a home. While many of the ideas shouldn't be seen on display in any home, there are plenty of creative ideas that are worthy to be put out on display.


This one is sooo cool and I'm sure there are plenty of poolside hubbies that will be rushing off to make one, two or a few! Recycled cans are turned into beer bottle bottles. A threaded rod through the base of the can and a single nut to secure... you could knock up a couple before you even knock back a beer!

Using nothing more than paint, some scraps of fabric and paper and glue, you can dress up recycled tin cans to match your decor. Put your thinking cap on and think of ways that you can put cans to use to create decor that looks good in your home.

Distressed cans in various sizes and filled with thick, pillar candles can look wonderful when painted with one colour coat of acrylic craft paint with a contrasting colour over the top. Add some burnt umber oil paint with a soft cloth and rub back to create a soft antiqued effect.

Still one of my all-time favourites is this wonderful candleholder made from smaller tomato paste or tuna tins. And one project that I just have to try are these colourful tin flowers made from cans of different sizes.

Using cans to create storage containers is still one of the top recycling projects that you will find. Covered with wrapping or scrapbook paper, scraps or fabric, or even with colourful mosiac tiles glued on the outside, recycled tins cans offered an inexpensive way to store small craft and hobby accessories.

Old newspapers, string, twine and wooden buttons combine to create a rustic tablescape of tin cans.

Love the idea of using recycled cans as gift containers, and the trick is to use a tin opener on the bottom of the can - remove the contents and pop in your own filling. Use a hot glue gun to secure the cut off lid back in place.

These pretty crown candleholders are perfect for a special party. The sharp edges are coated with Bostik deco glass paint, so you won't have to worry, and the crowns are embellished with beads.

One of the easiest and most affordable wine racks you can own! Recycled cans glued together with epoxy glue and painted with Rust-Oleum 2X in your choice of colour.

One of the first truly crafty ways to recycle cans was to use them to make pendant and night lights. Using a Dremel MultiTool, cutting disk and grinding stone you can cut out the most beautiful designs that reflect onto the walls at night.

Whether you use cans to create a small display or succulents, or as candle holders, as cans acquire a patina of age and rust - and you can speed up the rusting process - the look wonderful in a rustic setting.