Make Wooden Buttons

This year, when pruning back some of the larger bushes and overgrown trees in the garden, I decided to look for inventive ways to use both the small and large branches that were cut off. Why throw away wood if it can be used.




One really great idea that I came across was to make wooden buttons...





I used my mitre saw [cut-off saw] to trim the branches to manageable lengths and then clamped them securely before cutting the individual buttons. If you don't have a mitre saw, you can use a Dremel MultiTool and a cutting blade to do this - just be sure to clamp the branch securely to a workbench.





If you don't own a mitre or cut-off saw, you can also use a Dremel MultiTool and cutting disk for wood. Be sure to clamp the piece securely to your workbench before cutting, and wear safety glasses.











What's nice is that the buttons come out in all different shapes, but mostly the same size. You can use small or large branches to create buttons of any shape or size.





You will need branches that are of a fairly hard timber species, and if you're not sure, cut a few to size and then start drilling 2.5mm holes in them. If they break easily then you know you can't use this wood for making buttons.



Use wooden buttons to embellish hand knitted clothing. This Aran cardigan has lovely large buttons that look gorgeous. On larger wood buttons, you can trim off the bark for a smoother finish, or leave the bark on for a rustic wooden button. There are so many ways to use wooden buttons. Add then to fashion accessories - they look great on bags!