Make a table topper for your dining table

While a lazy susan turntable is perfect for a square or circular dining table, you can add a simple table topper to make add height and space to a rectangular table. This table topper is rustic, but you can add more detail for a traditional table setting.


Large and small cans
Par pine*
Drill/Driver + asstd bits
Countersink bit
Fine sanding sponge
Plascon Sure Coat
Bolts, washers & nuts
Tape measure & pencil

*As wide and as long as you need for your table

Find everything you need for this project at your local Builders Warehouse.




1. Cut the PAR pine to the length required for your table. Sand and paint the PAR pine before you assemble.

2. Space the cans equally along the underside of the PAR pine, spacing each alternating can close to the left or right edge, so that the table topper is balanced once in place.

3. Use a pencil to draw around the cans to mark their position.

4. Drill a hole in the centre where each can will be mounted using a drill bit the same size as the bolt you are using. Countersink the hole so that the bolt head will be below the surface of the wood.

5. Thread the bolt through the table top and secure to the inside of each can with a washer and nut.


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