Best Ideas for a Small Dining Space or Dining Room

Filling a small dining space or dining room is not always an easy task when most dining suites are oversized or bulky, but there are options for the perfect dining suite for a small dining room.

How to Make a Solid Wood Dining Table

Here is a dining table that you can make over a weekend, and you can choose the material you want to make it with, whether it be Pine, Meranti, Saligna or other hardwood.

Ideas for a Small Dining Space

When you have a limited floor plan, finding space for dining can be a mission but there are plenty of ideas to create a small dining space.

10 Best Modern Dining Tables For Sleek Dining Rooms

Here are 10 of the best modern dining tables for designing a sleek dining room.

How to Style a Dining Table When Not in Use

With the dining tables an integral part of interior design, styling a dining table adds sophisticated flair or rustic elegance to any home.

How to Style a Dining Room for Casual or Formal Dining

With the 'new normal' that everyone is adopting due to the global situation, the dining room has become more than a place to sit and eat meals, now it's a place where you can gather to entertain friends and family.

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Festive Ideas for Decorating the Dining Table

We put together a selection of ideas that you can use to make the holiday dining table special for the festive season.

Types of Extendable Dining Tables

We take a look at the extendable dining table options you are likely to encounter during your purchase.

Looking to Refresh your Dining Room?

Yolanda Van Niekerk recently shared her dining room makeover using Tjhoko paint to give her dining table and chairs a new look.

How To Choose The Perfect Dining Chairs

Choosing dining chairs for a dining room involves checking the height, comfort and style, but how do you select the perfect dining chair?

Ideas For Dining In Style - Whatever Your Budget

The dining room is, sadly, one of the last rooms to receive attention when it comes down to decorating and interior design for the room but these tips will help turn your dining room into a space for dining in style!

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Can't Find Fabric Dye? Use Food Colouring Instead!

Finding fabric dye is like a mission impossible, but you can substitute with food colouring instead for your tie-dye projects.

Chalk Paint A Chair With Pops Of Colour

When there are some many great colours available, why wouldn't you want to chalk paint your chairs to add a pop of colour to a plain dining room!

How To Style Your Perfect Dining Room

Glittering chandelier, modern furniture and chic accessories are what you need to style your perfect dining room.

Clever Storage Ideas For A Dining Room

When you live in a compact home, finding enough storage can be difficult, but these crafty ideas will provide plenty of extra storage for a dining room.

Add this Rustic Light Feature to your Dining Room

It can be difficult to select the perfect light fitting for a dining room, but this raw beam feature adds a rustic touch to any setting.

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Tips To Style The Christmas Dining Table

Christmas is the one time of the year where you want to style the perfect Christmas dining table and we have some tips to show you how.


Paint Colours you don't want in a Dining Room

When decorating a dining room, the right colour palette can transform a dated space into an elegant room and we show you how.


The easy way to make a Lazy Susan turntable

Every entertainer loves a Lazy Susan turntable, and we show you the easy way to make your own Lazy Susan for any table.


Ideas for Glass Top Dining Tables

If you fancy the idea of making your own dining table, a glass-topped dining table makes a bold statement and you can select from a wide variety of options for the base.


Add Colour to a Bland Dining Room Table

If your dining room is bland and not very interesting, it doesn't take too much effort to give a dining table or dining chairs a new look with paint. Here are some colourful dining tables to inspire you.

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Heart Shaped Placemats

Treat your Valentine to a special evening with these heart shaped Valentine placemats.


What Style for your Dining Table and Chairs?

As someone who is a bit eclectic when it comes to style, I find it difficult to settle on a particular style for my dining table and chairs.


Elegant Dining for the Festive Season

This holiday season let your dining table shine with seasonal inspiration, whether you are hosting Christmas or simply celebrating the season.


Shou Sugi Ban to make a pine platter

Use the Japanese method of burning wood to make a Shou Sugi Ban platter. 


Make a Server for your Dining Room

Using a simple basic box frame design, this server or sideboard is perfect for a dining room, or you can even use it in a bedroom or living room.

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Dining Rooms to Inspire

The dining room is now considered an integral part of your living space, so we put together a selection of inspirational dining rooms to get you started.

Style a Dining Table

When not in use, a dining table sits empty and can look quite empty and sad. So, how do you style a dining table when you're not entertaining?


Decor for a Dining Room

More than just a place to set up a table and chairs, a dining room should reflect the same personality and style as the rest of your home.


Paint can stools

Upcycle empty paint cans into dual purpose stools that can also be used as recycling bins.


Easy slat bench

This pine slat bench is easy to make and you can finish in your choice of wood tint and paint colour. Buy all your supplies at your nearest Builder store.

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Make a pedestal table

Here's how to make a pedestal dining table or side table using pine and supawood that you can buy at your local Builders Warehouse. Finishing it off in shades of grey with Prominent Paints Premium Satin Silk.

Festive dining tables

Intimate moments with family and friends around the dining table, with party dresses, table linens, crystal glassware, and Christmas decorations. Choose from a traditional table setting, a classic arrangement, or one that fits in with the occasion.

Use felled tree stumps for dining tables

Now is the season when many homeowners have trees trimmed or felled. We put together a collection of ideas for using felled tree stumps as a base for dining tables.

Add a stencil design to a dining table 

Here's a popular trend for adding a stencilled design onto a dining table. It's a great way to add flair to a reclaimed wood or old fashioned dining table.

Make your own dining table 

After seeing the R6000 price tag for a wood dining table, I decided to make my own at a fraction of what it would cost to buy one. The project was actually very easy and only took a weekend.

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Dining tables and chairs made from reclaimed pallets

Jamie Foster of Pallet Works uses reclaimed pallets to make custom dining tables and chairs for indoors and outdoors.

Celebrate the festive season with Skinny laMinx

The festive season is a time when family and friends gather together to celebrate. Skinny laMinx offers an array of party perfect decor fabrics.

Dining room makeover

Even on a modest budget and a limited timeline you can update a dining room. This three-day makeover made use of existing architectural details to offer a more comfortable place for hosting dinner parties.

Pine dining set makeover

Pine furniture is an affordable way to add wood furniture to a home but there are ways to paint, stain and seal pine furniture to give it a unique look for a cottage or country style home.

Fold-down dining table

You can make this wall-mounted dining table or desk using laminated pine or 16mm marine plywood and leave as is or stain and varnish in your choice of finish, or you can make using 16mm MDF and paint to match your existing decor.

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Banquette for kitchen or dining room

The banquette has been around for many years and has been in and out of fashion many times, but it still manages to rise to the occasion as the most popular option for dining in a small open plan kitchen-dining room, or in a larger kitchen.

Paint dining table and chairs with Rust-Oleum

Rust-Oleum spray paints offer a myriad of ways to transform old fashioned, secondhand or hand-me-down furniture. With just one can of Rust-Oleum you can turn a plain dining table set into modern piece that match the colours and style of your home. 

Ideas for a casual dining table

Old doors, scaffolding planks, recycled timber beams... combine any of these with just a dash of flair and a dollop of creativity and you can transform a dining space into a room that hums with French flair.

Paint a ceiling with metallic paint

Add unexpected drama and elegance to a plain dining room with a metallic ceiling trimmed with pine or supawood moulding. The Plascon Metallic range of paints is an effective way to transform a ceiling into a statement.

Portable lazy Susan rotating turntable

This portable lazy Susan rotating turntable can be placed on a dining table or on a buffet for easy access to a variety of snacks. If you are setting up a table for entertaining, make this quick and easy lazy Susan turntable out of a stainless steel tray.

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Make a no-sew tablecloth

I needed an urgent replacement for Christmas lunch. Not wanting to face the mad shoppers doing their last minute rush for gifts, I remember a piece of fabric left over from one of our projects.

Decorate the Christmas dining table

What will your dining table be wearing this festive season? There are those who prefer to decorate the Christmas dining table in minimal style, and those who like to go all out with table decorations galore.

Dining table topper for rectangular table

While a lazy Susan turntable is perfect for a square or circular dining table, you can add a simple table topper to make add height and space to a rectangular table. This table topper is rustic, but you can add more detail for a traditional table setting.

Upholster your made dining chairs

We previously looked at how easily you can make your own upholstered dining chairs for around R150, as opposed to spending R700 and upwards for a chair. In this feature we finish off our made dining chairs by upholstering them with our choice of fabric.

Dining suite goes from dated to divine

If you are looking for a way to update or makeover furniture, treating yourself to a Bosch PFS spray system this Christmas is just the thing. This dining suite went from dated to divine with a coat of two of spray using a Bosch PFS spray system - without any mess or fuss.

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Serviette rings from cardboard tubes

I know this project has been around and around, but with the holidays so close I thought it might be nice to refresh the idea of using cardboard tubes to make decorative serviette holders for the festive table.

Set the outdoor table for alfresco dining

Warm summer days and cool evenings normally mean family gatherings or lunch or dinner with friends. Decorate and prepare a beautiful table for your family or guests with alfresco dining infused with colour and atmosphere.

New rustic top for farmhouse dining table

This feature shows how a hum-drum pine farmhouse dining table was transformed into a beautiful showpiece. Using PAR pine planks and some TLC, the new top for a farmhouse table definitely doesn't look like a pine table top.

Add piping to dining chairs

Adding piping to dining chairs, or chairs with wooden frames, can be tricky and troublesome. But this technique is quick and easy and your chairs will look stunning with the addition of piping.

Restore or renovate furniture finished with wax or oil

Many older pieces of furniture have been finished with a variety of waxes and oils, and it can be tricky removing these when wanting to restore or renovate furniture.

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Quick and easy table decor crafts

If you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring - these quick and easy table decor crafts will definitely make you feel that spring has arrived. Dress up a blah table with serviette rings, candle wrappers and colourful tissue paper blossoms.

Easy DIY tables with trestle legs

These legs are perfect for a DIY dining table, office desk, dressing table, and similar projects - like the ones shown below. If you have some welding savvy, making these square bar steel trestles isn't a difficult project and perhaps you might want to give it a go.

How to make a farmhouse table

In this article I want to show you some awesome ideas for making a farmhouse table. Once you have seen these ideas I'm sure you'll want to rush out and stock up on supplies.

16 Dining room or kitchen banquettes

Most often referred to as a dining nook, banquettes puts an entirely new spin on dining spaces. The offer an affordable - if done DIY - alternative to the traditional dining table and chairs, and take up far less floor space.

Reupholster vintage or reproduction dining chair

Whether it's a separate space or part of an open-plan design, the dining room has once again emerged as a feature in the home. Add value to your property by dressing up the dining room to coordinate with other rooms and start entertaining.

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Finding space for dining in a kitchen

There's no reason why you can't consider adding a small dining nook to the kitchen, adding on a small extension to accommodate a dining area, or knocking down a wall to create a more open area that allows you to incorporate a space for dining.

Lazy Susan turntable for indoor or outdoor dining

Having just finished an article on using a lazy Susan bearing in the kitchen or bedroom (for shoe storage), it also occurred to me that a lazy Susan is just as useful for indoor or outdoor dining tables.

A sneak peak at celebrity dining rooms

It's always nice to sneak a peak into someone else's home and Architectural Digest recently did a feature on celebrity dining rooms. Let's see how the rich and famous sit down at the table...

Would you like to make this dining buffet?

I love the range of furniture on offer for West Elm. My only problem is the price. Priced at R7660 this modern dining buffet is stylish and elegant and would not only be perfect for a dining room - I can also imagine this in a living room, entrance or bedroom.

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Revamp a scratched dining table

Use Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint to revamp a scratched or damaged dining table at a fraction of what it would cost to replace. You will find the entire range of Rust-Oleum products at your local Builders Warehouse store.

Beautiful ideas for your Easter table

If you are celebrating the true meaning a Easter with family and friends, below you will find some really wonderful ideas for dressing up the table for an Easter breakfast or brunch.

Beautiful clay flower serviette rings

I love crafting with air-dry clay and just wish I had more time to do more clay crafts. This project shows how to make beautiful flowers for dressing up a serviette for a special occasion. These would be lovely for an Easter table setting or a wedding table.

Kitchen cabinets become server or sideboard

There are plenty of places to pick up ready-made kitchen cabinets, and with a little tweaking here and there, you can create a custom dining room server or sideboard in a weekend.

DIY fabulous dining room

A plain dining room is transformed into a comfortable and cosy space with a new dining table, chairs and benches. What's interesting about this makeover is that it incorporates DIY projects we have already covered here on Home-Dzine.

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Simple and affordable ideas for table setting

With the holidays soon upon us, I thought it might be nice to have a feature on simple, yet elegant, table settings that can be laid indoors or outdoors, depending upon the weather.

Summertime table setting

Herbs can be used for more than just in the kitchen. This beautiful summer table setting incorporates a bouquet of fresh herbs that will have all your guests feeling refreshed as they absorb the sight and aromas.

Set the table for spring

I have been wanting to put together a selection of creative spring table ideas for a while. There are so many gorgeous spring table ideas and spring table crafts out there that I had to share, but if it's still cold, save this feature for later. It doesn't quite inspire in freezing weather!

Recover dining chairs

If your dining chairs are looking a bit dated or drab, covering with new fabric is a simple fix and also a great way to makeover secondhand finds or hand-me-downs - and it’s easier than you think.

Dining chairs go shabby chic!

A client had 6 standard chairs and 2 bustle-back chairs and he wanted them distressed in a shabby chic finish and upholstered.  Nothing ventured - nothing gained!

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Delightful dining rooms

It makes no difference if you live in a small open-plan townhouse or a spacious home - we all yearn for a gorgeous dining room. There's simply no reason to reserve your dining room only for special occasions. 

Dress a table for Valentine's

Whether it's a table for two, or for a group of close friends, hosting a Valentine's Day lunch or dinner is a fun way to gather together loved ones.  

Formal dining room

Formal dining rooms can have more intimacy than an open floor plan, they can envelope you into the coziness and comfort of being close together in conversation and in sharing a wonderful meal together. 

Makeover for a dining room

Colour trends come and go and with paint being the most affordable way to give your home a new look - you can easily change the look of a room with a coat of two of paint.

Stylish dining rooms

Ready to transform your dining room, but don't want to spend a fortune? Check out these stylish yet inexpensive spaces...

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Easy and affordable table decor

If grandma hasn't yet left you the prized china, there are other ways to set a glamorous and stylish table when entertaining family and friends.

Set a dining table for entertaining

To impress your guests at your next dinner party, nothing beats a smartly decorated table. In celebrating Christmas, Easter, an anniversary or any other event, a well set table often becomes the highlight of a reception.

What style for your dining room?

Dining rooms may not be an element in modern home designs, but they're still very much a part of many homes. Gathering the family together for meals is a tradition and a part of South African culture that will endure despite what leading designers have to say.

Dream dining rooms

If you are planning to renovate or decorate your dining room, take a look at some of the stunning, dream rooms below. Inspired and created by top designers around the world - get an inside-view of your dream dining room.

Have fun decorating a dining room

It's the room where you entertain family and friends, or celebrate the big and little events of your life. When it comes to colour, you want a warm and cosy, yet energetic atmosphere conducive to a fun dining experience.

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Creative ideas for a dining room

Not everyone has a creative mind when it comes to decorating a home. Many look to home decor magazines for inspiration, but most offer ideas that are over priced and unachievable for the average homeowner. Here are some down to earth ideas for decorating a dining room.

The art of entertaining

In our fast-paced world, dressing the table has become outdated and often overlooked aspect of entertaining, yet a well-set table is a showcase for all your efforts. Along with music, candles and flowers, your table helps create the overall atmosphere.

Colourful dining rooms

If you thought dining rooms had to be white or cream - think again. Like any other room in a home you can experiment with colour and paint to create a space that truly reflects your personality.

Design tips for dining rooms

The dining room in any home is just as significant as living spaces, kitchen and bathroom. A dining room should be designed for casual family meals, and allow for a quick change for entertaining friends and family.

Make a server for a dining room

A sturdy, high-quality one can leave a hefty dent in your finances, but you can enhance a few stock kitchen base cabinets with moulding, furniture feet, and knobs to produce a handcrafted piece for a fraction of the cost of buying one ready-made.

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Reupholster dining chairs

You don't have to live with ugly dining chairs. It is easy and affordable to buy some fabric to recover your dining chairs to match your decor.

Decorative felt placemats

Add a touch of colour to your table with these handy tablemats. Make up a set or two in bright primary colours to dress up your table for family gatherings or fun entertaining.

Mix it up for an eclectic dining room

When designing your dining room, let the space be defined by your personal style and things that you enjoy. If you can't yet afford that dream dining suite, use your mismatched table and chairs for a look that is anything but boring, and definitely what you love.

Modern dining room trends

Dining rooms are evolving to keep pace with changing lifestyles. The demand for smaller scale furniture is growing, driven by young homeowners, townhouse dwellers and second homeowners.

Plan a dining room

The traditional dining room has been having an identity crisis of late. No longer is it the place for serving up meals thrice daily as it was thirty years ago - now it plays host to hobbies, homework, office work and, predictably, storage.

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Elements for a dining room

Have the right elements in your dining room and transform every meal into a dining experience.

Set up a space for fine dining at home

Whether it's a separate space or part of an open-plan design, the dining room has once again emerged as a feature in the home. Add value to your property by dressing up the dining room to coordinate with other rooms and start entertaining.

Dining room styles

More than just a place to have family meals, dining rooms are also spaces to entertain, have fun and get together with friends and family.

Choosing the right dining table

Unless you live in a spacious home equipped with a formal dining area, smaller tables are the latest trendy eating option, and are quickly turning the busiest room in the house into a quaint conversation area.

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Decorating a dining room

Kitchen and dining areas have become the hub of the home – a place to relax, grab a bite and enjoy time with family and friends. Dining room furniture is available in a variety of dining styles, all of which can be tailored to your own lifestyle and budget.

Flea market finds for dining room

When I spotted this dining set at a secondhand store, the purchase was a no-brainer. I snapped up the table and five chairs – four side chairs and one armchair – for a little over R150. A paint and reupholstery facelift would make it chic again.

Make a lazy Susan

This lazy Susan is not only used for sauces and spices, it can also serve as a floral centrepiece.

Living and dining in one space

A clever layout will create two distinct areas, but link the two by choosing furniture in matching woods and using the same chocolate and lime green colour scheme throughout the space.


Dining Room Perfect For Everyday Family Meals?

A dining room is an essential space in the house because it is one of the few places that the family have a sit-down and get time to engage.

Transform your dining room with Wallflora summertime vibes

With summer well and truly here, it is time to transform your dull looking dining room into a brighter, happier, more positive place.

The Benefits of Buying Leather Dining Chairs

Leather dining chairs are made of three types of leather, real, bonded, and faux and you will enjoy the benefits of having leather dining chairs.


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