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The art of entertaining

You don't need to spend exhorbitant amounts of money to create a beautifully laid table. By using carefully selected pieces, combined with flair, you'll be amazed at how many different looks you can achieve.


As the room where you entertain family and friends and celebrate special occasions or happening in your life, you want a dining room that meets the requirements for entertaining - no matter what the event. While bold, bright colours are still popular for dining rooms, in the future they will be used more as accents. No matter what colours you use to decorate your dining room, a touch of glamour or a dash of ethnic spice will showcase your individuality and give guests plenty to talk about.

With a few simple changes to the existing decor it is quite easily to breathe new life into a dining room. One of the most simple ways to add a touch of elegance to a dining room is to add mirrors. Not only do mirrors visually enlarge the space but they also reflect artificial light - an essential element for evening dining and entertaining.

Paint and paint techniques are an option that magically changes the look of a dining room for very little money. When selecting paint colour, take along samples of your furniture fabric, or shade of wood, to ensure that colours will work well together.

Setting a mood is essential for any dinner party, and this is easily done with elegant candles. Pull together a variety of candles for a unique, eclectic display or choose matching tapered ones for a sophisticated look.Create a dining room that looks like a page in your favourite design magazine. Set the table with gorgeous linens, a simple table setting and a unique centrepiece.

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