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Clever Storage Ideas For A Dining Room

When you live in a compact home, finding enough storage can be difficult, but these crafty ideas will provide plenty of extra storage for a dining room.



Those living in a compact townhouse, apartment or flat don't always have an abundance of storage space for everything they own. Items that have no place to go usually end up at the bottom of a closet, in a spare room, or even in the garage. But there are plenty of crafty ways to add extra storage to a dining room that will let you have everything you need close at home. These storage ideas may even let you free up valuable space in an over-cluttered kitchen.

Having enough storage, even in a compact home, lets you be organised and keep your home clutter-free, but developers don't give a lot of thought to providing enough storage and you need to put on your thinking cap to come up with ways to maximise on space but still have enough storage. The dining room, even just a dining space, is where you want to store your crockery and cutlery, and perhaps even a few appliances that you have no space for. It's also where you should be keeping serviettes and dining accoutrements for entertaining family, friends and guests.

We look at a few ways that you can hire a carpenter / handyman to add some storage to the room, buy pieces to offer more storage, or even put your DIY skills to good use to make a custom storage unit or two.







1. Custom Dining With Storage


The easiest way to add storage, if you don't have a dedicated dining area but only a dining space, is to build or have a custom banquette seating area installed. A basic non-upholstered seating area provides plenty of additional storage in the dining room and takes up very little space when fitted against a wall, or even against the back of your kitchen units. The seat area doesn't need to be wide than 500mm and should be around 450mm in height.


Shop for custom storage units that are the perfect height for designing a seating area in the dining room - one that offers plenty of storage!


A banquette offers a comfortable place to sit and you can add colourful patterned cushions to create a seating area for everyone. Underneath the seating area you can incorporate several drawers, for easy access, or simply have wicker baskets to store items.







2. Custom Built-In Cabinets


An easy do-it-yourself solution for adding storage to a dining space or dining room is with ready-made or custom built cupboards. You can buy kitchen cupboards that are unfinished and add details and paint in custom colours, but building the cupboards yourself also lets you design cupboards that aren't quite as deep as standard kitchen units, which allows you to fit these into a room without intruding too much on valuable floor space.


Custom built-in cabinets can be designed to fit in with your home decor and be used for both decorative display and storage.


Another option to consider is to have custom cabinets built to fit into a particular space. I love the idea of glass cabinet doors on top that allow you to display your collectibles, with plenty of hidden storage below. A combination of drawers and doors provides plenty of storage or items small or large.







3. Shop Big For Storage


Why settle for small storage when you can go big? Floor-to-ceiling cabinets take up the same amount of floor space as ones of counter height, so why waste the space when you can fill it with a floor-to-ceiling unit that provides plenty more storage opportunities. Think one step further and add glass pane doors and you combine storage with a decorative wall unit that can be used to display glassware, china or your favourite treasures.


Since you're not about to find something like this in your local home decor stores, shop online at auction and sales websites such as Gumtree and Bid or Buy, or hire a carpenter / handyman to make and fit for you - or make your own.


Whatever option you decide to take, measure up the space and take the time to carefully think through as to what you want to store. Giving it some thought before you build or buy will ensure you buy or make what you need according to your requirements. Do you want it wood stained or painted? Do you want glass pane doors? Do you want drawers and doors? Think about all these before you take the next step.



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