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Dine out in your own home

Have the right elements in your dining room and transform every meal into a dining experience.


Well-proportioned seats that cater to all body types are a must. Even if the food is delicious, spending an hour or two squirming on a backbreaking chair is an instant appetite suppressant.

The glow from a chandelier or pendant above a dining table should flatter guests (not too bright) and showcase food (not too dark). In short, a dimmer switch is essential as is the avoidance of tea lights. Their murky up light even makes super models look scary and it routinely turns vibrantly coloured foods grey. For candlelight dinners - think big. Large, thick candles will add just the right amount of atmosphere in conjunction with a ceiling chandelier.

Table decor
Avoid over-the-top flower arrangements at all times but particularly at meal times when they block sight lines across a table. Centrepieces are not essential and they tend to interfere with an easy flow of conversation so they’re best removed before food is served. If you do need to dress up the table make use of decorative chargers, unusual napkin accessories and beautiful glasses.

There’s an endless debate about the shape of the perfect dining table. Circular or angular? Round or square? Rectangular or oval? One party planner swears by round tables, and she seats enough people so that knees touch under the table. But for more space don't think dining chairs - think comfort and buy a table that is big enough for the seating, and not vice-versa.

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