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Finding space for dining in the kitchen

Not every home has the luxury of a separate dining room or space set aside for a dining table and there's no reason why you can't consider adding a small dining nook to the kitchen, adding on a small extension to accomodate a dining area, or knocking down a wall to create a more open area that allows you to incorporate a space for dining.

Eat in kitchens have been popular ever since the breakfast bar came into being. All of a sudden everyone realised how much space they could save by dining at the kitchen counter rather than adding on a dining room. But over time dining in the kitchen tends to lose some of it's initial favour, especially when you need to ensure that the kitchen is kept spotless when entertaining.

Sitting down at a table to dine is far more comfortable and offers more opportunity for relaxed conversation. If you are looking to add on to your kitchen, adding on a small conservatory-like space will not only allow you extra space to fit in a dining area, it will also add considerably more light into a dark kitchen.

You only have to watch home improvement programmes to know that, sometimes, knocking down a wall can make a huge difference to how space is utilized to best advantage. A small dining room can so easily become part and parcel of the existing kitchen to create a large open plan room that is more comfortable.

Many country or cottage style kitchens prefer to replace the traditional kitchen island with a dining table and chairs. This works out beautifully with this particular style, especially when teamed up with a beautiful wooden table.

What's really nice about having a dining table in this type of setting, is being able to use the dining table as a countertop.

A banquette-style eat-in kitchen is one of the more popular designs internationally that still hasn't achieved recognition here in South Africa.

Taking up far less floor space than a conventional table and chairs arrangement, a banquette is an easy do-it-yourself project that can be designed to fit in with any style of kitchen and decorated with personality. Perhaps it's time to take a closer look at this option as a means of adding a cosy dining area or creating an eat-in kitchen.

Not only in cottage or country kitchens... Swedish design tends to favour a modern, compact kitchen with an integral dining area. Sensible choice means that dining can be combined into the kitchen without overpowering or making the space seem smaller - it's all in the details.

Today, an eat-in kitchen is considered a way to socialise and re-connect with family and friends. Everyone takes part in cooking the meal, which ultimately becomes part of the charm of designing an eat-in kitchen.

While a formal dining room may be trendy today and dated tomorrow, the humble breakfast bar will always provide a space-saving solution to quick and easy dining at home and, if space allows, can be designed in such as way as to be an attractive feature that allows for entertaining. Or perhaps you and your family are just looking for cosy convenience - and a breakfast fits the bill perfectly.


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