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Dining room with flea market style

Dining room with flea market style


Shopping for secondhand is a great way to get style on a budget

When I spotted this dining set at a secondhand store, the purchase was a no-brainer. I snapped up the table and five chairs – four sidechairs and one armchair – for a little over R150. At a modern furniture store, just one of the chairs (made over) would easily sell for at least R200. The pieces had classic mid-century lines, but the wood finish was tired and the upholstery fabric dirty and worn. A paint and reupholstery facelift would make it chic again.

1. The makeover
This was a basic paint and upholstery makeover. I unscrewed the backrests from the chairs, then sanded all the chairs and the table - first with 120-grit sandpaper, and then with 180-grit sandpaper.

2. Prime and paint
Next came priming and painting with two coats of Priminent Sheen - white. But it's the upholstery that makes such a huge difference. I chose white faux ostrich. On the backrests the fabric was measure and machine-stitched to fit and then handsewn at the bottom for an invisible seam. On the seats the fabric was folded over and stapled to the underside of the seat.

3. Other makeover options
Since this set is constructed of hardwood, it could have been stripped and stained a deep brown or ebony tone. Mix it up by painting the table black and the chairs white, or the reverse. Try upholstering modern chairs like these in a traditional fabric – perhaps toile or damask.

4. Styling tips
The new look for this set is fresh, bright and modern. It's just right for a kitchen or dining room at home or the cottage. Sky blue and a hit of orange in the dining space make a clean, crisp colour statement.

[via kevin austin]


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