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Decor for a Dining Room

More than just a place to set up a table and chairs, a dining room should reflect the same personality and style as the rest of your home. Take a look at these beautiful dining rooms and be inspired to create a room that looks great.


Whether you have a dedicated dining room or just a dining space, if you love to entertain on a regular basis or enjoy a family gathering around the table, you'll want to decorate the dining area so that it is comfortable but still reflects a certain level of style and sophistication. It doesn't matter if your style is casual or contemporary, you can incorporate elements that reflect your personality to create a setting where you love to gather.

As the feature element in a dining room, the dining table takes centre stage and sets the tone for the room. It's essential that when buying a dining table and chairs you think about the size and style of the table, as this ultimately determines how you will accessorise the space.

In South Africa, we are somewhat limited by choice, especially when looking at furniture styles from around the world. Sites such as Pinterest and Indulgy have raised our expectations for decorating our homes and we can't always find what we like, or what we've seen and want to replicate. It may take some shopping around to find the perfect dining table and if you intend of splurging on an expensive table that will last a lifetime, it's a good idea to take your time until you find that perfect piece.

After the table, chairs need to be selected to fit around the table and complement the style and setting of the space. You'll obviously want chairs that are comfortable, especially if you love to entertain. There are plenty of styles to choose from, from traditional wood to modern upholstered. Select a chair style that not only complements the table but also your lifestyle. You don't want to spend your life cleaning upholstery fabric in a house full of children and pets, so shop wisely and consider your wants and needs - weighing up what best fits.

If space permits, you may want to incorporate other furniture elements in the dining room. A server or sideboard provides storage for all your crockery, cutlery and linens and can also be used as a surface for placing dishes for buffet style meals. When shopping for a server or sideboard you will want to select a piece in the same style as the table and chairs to prevent a clash of styles, unless you are going for an eclectic look.

Lighting is also important in a dining room or dining space. Since the table is the centrepiece, hanging a dramatic pendant or chandelier above the table increases the drama and solidified the table as the main feature. However, the lighting you choose will be determined by the atmosphere you want to create and the size of the dining room, with a beautiful pendant or hanging arrangement for a casual setting, or a brilliant chandelier for a more formal dining room.

In an open plan dining space, a beautiful rug will help define the space and create a zone around the dining area. The rug should be large enough to cover an area slighter larger than the space when the chairs are pulled out from the table. You will also want to avoid rugs that may hamper pullout out chairs and preferably one that is easy to keep clean. At a family table where children sit, shop for a natural fibre rug where spills and stains will be easy to remove.

Like any other room in the home, window treatments add the finishing touch and bring a level of softness to the otherwise hard edges that fill the space. Sharp pencil pleats or long, flowing curtains, dress windows with curtains and privacy blinds to introduce colour, pattern and texture.

Accessories are just as important in a dining room as in other areas of a home. From decor accessories for the table to art for the walls, accessories are the finishing touches for any dining room. What is important is not to overdo the decoration - allow the table and chairs to shine and let lighting, window treatments and other elements fill the space without overpowering the senses... less is always best.

A large mirror, hung or standing on a wall, does wonders for making a dining room feel visually larger and also bounces light around the space. A single piece of art, gallery wall, or a display of your favourite collectibles will help fill up large, blank expanses of wall and add a personal touch.


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