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Chalk Paint A Chair Or Two With Pops Of Colour

When there are some many great colours available, why wouldn't you want to chalk paint your chairs to add a pop of colour to a plain dining room!



Chalk paint is still one of the most popular ways to give any furniture a makeover, and with so many brands and colours to choose from, why wouldn't you want to paint a chair or two to add a splash of colour to your kitchen dining area, casual dining room, or outdoor dining set. Using chalk paint is so easy, you can easily complete this project over a spare weekend.


Chalk paint is a decorative paint finish that can easily be distressed or left as is. It gives a velvety matte finish that looks stunning when finished off with a matt topcoat. If you are looking to give any piece of furniture a makeover, or to paint your dining chairs, chalk paint is the paint of choice.








I've mentioned before that what makes chalk paint so popular is the fact that you don't have to spend hours sanding down furniture before you paint, and when you are wanting to paint chairs with spindles or decorative details, sanding can take quite a bit of time. With chalk paint you only have to clean the chair before you paint - it's as easy as that!





Even if you don't fancy the idea of painting chairs in bright colours, you can use chalk paint to decorate your dining chairs to add a little something extra to a dining space.


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Nowadays contrast is considered as something different and is no longer taboo when decorating a room. Furniture doesn't have to be matchy-matchy and it's fun to mix things up a bit, and that goes for dining chairs as well. Chairs don't have to be the same style or the same colour, and you can use different shades of chalk paint to create an interesting setting around the dining table.







Breathe new life into a holiday home or beach cottage with pops of vibrant colour.



Shades of white, off-white or grey continue to be a popular choice for a casual or modern dining room, while a kaleidoscope of colours is great fun for a casual dining room or playful patio. And chalk-painted chairs in soft or vibrant colours bring an unexpected burst of colour to an ordinary table.



We all have a few dark secrets hidden away in the spare room or stored in the garage, those dark wood treasures handed down or bought and waiting for the right moment. Chalk paint is just what you need to give dark wood furniture a modern makeover without destroying the integrity of the piece. If, later on down the road you decide you no longer like painted furniture, you can always strip back the paint to restore it to its original condition.



One of the main reasons for chalk paint's popularity is that it is very easy to distress a chalk painted finish. After application of the paint and before applying any topcoat or sealer, use 120-grit sandpaper to sand back the paint where you want to reveal what's underneath. Voila!



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