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How to cover dining chairs

If your dining chairs are looking a bit dated or drab, covering with new fabric is a simple fix and also a great way to makeover secondhand finds or hand-me-downs - and it’s easier than you think.


You will need:

Batting and foam (if you need to replace old)
Tape measure and pencil
Staple gun and staples


Here's how:

To re-cover a dining chair like this one, unscrew the cushion from the chair frame so that you can then remove the original fabric.

Lay down a layer of muslin first. You can also use thin batting to add more comfort. The muslin or batting layer will improve the appearance of the upholstery when you’re finished. Attach the back edge, and then pull it taut in the front.

Cut large pieces of upholstery fabric so there’s plenty to work with when attaching it at the back with staples. The trick to keeping the material from bunching and stretching is to wrap the edge around a straight stick, pull it taut, and space the staples close together.

Fold excess fabric at the corners into pleats. Staple the fabric securely, and keep your technique consistent from corner to corner. Then trim off all the remaining fabric.

The last step is to reattach the cushion to the chair frame. You can cover an entire set of chairs with matching fabric, or pick different fabrics in coordinating colors to get an eclectic look.



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