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How to Style a Dining Table When Not in Use

With the dining tables an integral part of interior design, styling a dining table adds sophisticated flair or rustic elegance to any home.






The dining table has become an integral part of any home interior, but it often gets overlooked or ignored when not in use, left undecorated and bare. Just like an entrance or console table left empty, there is so much you can do to add style to a dining table when it is not in use and use it as a focal point or feature in the home. Follow this easy guide to styling your dining table so that it becomes a stylish element in the home.

Start Above the Table

It isn't always about the table itself but more about making the dining table a feature, and one way to do this is to add a designer or dramatic pendant light feature over the top of the table. Lighting also plays a huge part in interior design and the right light fitting can make a big difference to many different areas in a home.

When it comes to lighting above the dining table, while you want a statement piece that catches attention, you also want a light fitting that also highlights when the table is in use, one that provides before ambient lighting for a romantic dining setting and a brighter light for when entertaining friends.





Sometimes, all it takes is the right light fitting to make any dining table the main feature. Select light fittings that mirror colours and styles that are already in the room.

pendant lights above dining table



Look Behind the Table

It isn't always necessary to place elements on the table, especially if there are already eye-catching accessories or details that create a feature or focal point. In fact, adding elements to the dining table can overpower the senses with too many things to focus on. If there is an existing feature wall behind the dining table, one that can be viewed from all angles, then less is best when it comes to styling the table.









If you prefer to have a feature on the wall rather than on the dining table, there is nothing wrong with that. Choose accessories that are oversized or bold to drag attention to the wall and provide the perfect backdrop for any dining table.

how to style dining table
ballard designs



A dining room that has a statement light fitting, the perfect backdrop and a table that is stunning in design, requires very little else, but if you do want to style the table for a special occasion - as shown above, select elements that mirror accessories that are already in the vignette (picture), such as the blue vases on the table that reflect the blue vase on the sideboard.







Sophisticated elegance isn't about fussy details but more about clean lines and emphasis on less is best. Add a simple arrangement of fresh flowers to complete the picture.

ideas to style dining table
ballard designs



What's On the Table

Don't worry if your budget won't stretch to cover feature lighting above the table and there is no space for a feature on the wall behind the table, or even if you are renting a home and aren't allowed to make any changes, there are still plenty more ways to make the dining table a shining feature that attracts attention. Any of the ideas below can be modified or adjusted to suit your budget. It's not about having to spend a fortune on a few decor accessories to sit on top of the table and you may discover unique accessories that fit in perfectly with your decor and style and only cost cents rather than rands.



• Style to Match

Choosing the right items for a dining table should be determined by the design of the table and your personal style. A rustic dining table will have accessories that complement this style while a modern or contemporary dining table will be styled to echo the same. For example, the mid-century modern dining table and chairs below reflect the style of the dining room and rest of the home. A simple vase of foliage consisting of autumn-hued leaves introduce colour and texture and enhances the rustic theme.





• Understated Elegance

Unless you are looking for something that yells "look at me!", you only need a single item to style a dining table. That doesn't mean you cannot add more accessories, just that less is best in most instances, and you don't want the table to look cluttered.





Whatever accessories you choose to style your dining table, keep it simple, keep within the style and buy what you can afford. It only takes something simple to make a difference and your table.





Styling a dining table is not difficult and it's not expensive. While out doing your shopping, keep an eye out for the right item for the table or simply pick out a nice vase and fill with fresh flowers and you won't go wrong.






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