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Ideas for a casual dining table

Old doors, scaffolding planks, recycled timber beams... combine any of these with just a dash of flair and a dollop of creativity and you can transform a dining space into a room that hums with French flair.


Take a look at this selection of casual dining rooms and you will find plenty of ideas and inspiration that you can put to use.

Put on the right tablecloth and you can turn any piece of wood into a dining table. BisonBord (or chipboard) is one of the most affordable timber products you can use for projects. The reason it's so cheap is because it's not one of those products you can put on display. But when you cover it up with a rich damask fabric... who knows!

Give an old door new life as a dining table top. In fact, it doesn't even have to be an old door. When you pop into your local Builders Warehouse you will find a selection of wood doors, priced from around R500 upwards. When you think what it costs to buy a dining table, making one for that amount of money is definitely one way to add a unique style element and save a bundle.

You will find plenty of ideas and inspiration, as well as tips and tricks for making your own dining table in our Dining section.

Have someone make, or make your own, base in steel or wood and then make a dining table using a sheet of laminated pine. The only requirement when using laminated pine for a tabletop, and to prevent any splitting or popping along the seams later on, is to mount cross-pieces underneat the give the laminated pine plenty of support.


Reclaimed scaffolding planks, flooring or wood beams are perfect for a cottage or rustic dining table top. These timbers are usually strong and chunky and filled with chips, dents and flaws that enhance their raw beauty. Add some wood oil preservative or liming wax to protect and preserve the timber and set the dining table for casual entertaining. You will find more tips and tricks on finishing wood in our Decorating section.



There are other materials that lend themselves to dining table tops. Slabs of natural stone mounted on a strong base, or caesarstone and gloss Formica board. Keep it casual with a base of sturdy tree stumps picked up from a local tree-felling contractor.


Modern interior design has almost thrown the rule book out when it comes to mixing things up. Combining new and old or modern and traditional creates a pleasing setting that is eclectic and comfortable, and one that will fit into any style of home.


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