Create An Accent Wall In Under An Hour

A can of paint and a few other materials are all you need to create a focal point or accent feature on a wall in a home.

Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Your Home's Exterior Paint

Here are some valuable tips to help make your home’s paint last for years.

Can I Paint The Exterior of my House in Spring?

When is the best time to paint the exterior of a house and is it okay to paint in spring?

How to Use Paint and Stencils to Give any Room a New Look

Forget about the hassle and mess of wallpaper and rather think how easy it is to use paint and stencils on a wall to give any room a new look.

Is it Okay to Paint Over Laminate Wood Flooring?

Laminate wood flooring is an excellent flooring solution, but it is not affordable to replace when it becomes scuffed, scratched or worn, so can you paint over laminate flooring and is it a good idea to do this?

Experimenting with Paint Techniques

Paint techniques have been around for centuries and still today there are new methods and paint techniques that are gaining popularity.

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Quick Project: Decorate Walls with a Geometric Design and a Paint Pen

This quick project shows how easy it is to decorate a wall using a geometric design and a paint pen.

Hand Painting Walls to Decorate your Home?

With spring only a month away, now is a good time to collect ideas if you are planning to give your home a fresh update.

How to use Decoupage for Insta-Worthy Furniture

Decoupage is the art of adding patterned or pretty paper onto all types of surfaces, particularly furniture and decor accessories, for a unique finishing touch to furniture projects.

How to Paint and Stencil a Concrete Floor

Indoors or outdoors, painted concrete floors with stencilled designs are an affordable option to many other flooring solutions and they are durable as well.

How to Create a Faux Brick Wall

Looking to add some interest to a bare wall in your home and not a fan of wallpaper? Try this super-easy method for creating a faux brick wall.

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Is Wallpaper a Good Idea?

Wallpaper looks stunning when viewed in interior designed houses, but what happens when you get tired of the look and how do you remove wallpaper?

Decorate Walls with Plaster Relief

Bring something timeless and unique to the walls in a home with plaster relief and delicate stencil patterns.

Creative Ways to use Chalk Paint

Chalk paint has taken over the world as far as paint is concerned, and everyone is looking for creative ways to use chalk paint in their homes.

How To Give Furniture An Ombré Paint Effect

It might not be as trendy as it once was, but using an ombré paint effect is still a great alternative for painting furniture to add colour.

Quick Tip: Paint Your Home Like A Pro

If your home is in need of a good paint job, these expert tips will ensure a professional finish - no matter what the painting task.

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How To Chalk Paint Tile Floors

With the introduction of chalk paint, many homeowners are finding it easy to cover up ugly floor tiles with chalk paint and stencils.

Give Your Brick Fireplace A Whitewashed Finish for Fresh Appeal

While some do love the appeal of raw brick, applying a whitewash finish to a face brick fireplace feature wall will bring lightness and brightness into any room.

A New Way To Decorate The Home - Painted Arches

Tired of all the square walls, rectangular rooms and sharp edges? Then why not discover a new decorating method that is taking the decorating industry by storm - painted arches.

Materials and Supplies for Painting Exterior of a House

The dry season is the time of year when everyone finally gets round to painting the exterior of their house, and we have compiled a detailed list of materials and supplies you will need for this project.

How to Cover Up a Brick Feature Wall

Popular in the seventies and early eighties, facebrick walls are often a defining feature of many older homes, but giving them a modern look is easier than you think.

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What Could Be Hiding Underneath Stain or Varnish

There may come a time when you buy a piece of secondhand furniture only to be blown away by what is hidden underneath coats of stain or varnish.


Paint a Staircase Stunning!

If your staircase is looking a bit worse for wear, or you have removed the carpet, here's how to give your staircase a stunning update with paint.


How to Add Faux Decorative Skirting to Walls

Decorative skirting adds a finishing touch to any room, but when you can't afford to have decorative skirtings installed or can't find what you're looking for - you can always try this method!


How to Make Plywood Look Like Barnwood

The look of barnwood has become a popular choice, even for kitchens, and it's easy to make plywood look like barnwood.


How to Decorate an ugly Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn ceilings are probably one of the worst things you can apply in a home - a lazy way to finish off a ceiling. But how do you decorate a popcorn ceiling?

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How to Disguise Disaster Walls

I have stayed in quite a few houses that have walls that are plastered badly,  and this article looks at how you can use a sponge paint effect to disguise disaster walls.


A Pop of almost Classic Blue with Chalk Paint

Classic Blue is Pantone's Colour Of The Year for 2020, and you can use Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint to easily and quickly transform a plain pine chair into a playful piece that also adds a splash of colour.


Make new wood look old

Giving new items a patina of age - a vintage look - is easy if you have the right products and we show you how...


Add some Textured Shimmer to Walls

Paintable wallpaper that can be found at Builders Warehouse, is an easy way to introduce a touch of textured shimmer to a feature wall.


Upcycle a Bedside Cabinet with Chalk Paint

When your bedroom needs an update, it's easy to transform furniture with chalk paint.

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Terrazzo Table with Annie Sloan Chalk Paints

There's more to chalk paints than you think, and this terrazzo table shows how you can use chalk paint to create a clever effect.


Don't Apply Too Much Chalk Paint!

I have had quite a few readers contact me for tips on using chalk paint, after their own chalk paint projects have turned out looking not so good.


Should I paint floor tiles?

Despite the fact that we do feature a couple of projects for painting a tiled floor, you should not paint tiled floors and here's why.


Nursery with Colourful Stripes

If you can't decide on a scheme for a nursery, these colourful stripes will add a lot of visual interest and you can choose your own colours.


DIY Tiles with Stencil Plaster Relief

Unfired tiles are great for using for projects, if you can find them, but you can also apply a plaster relief to plain matt ceramic tiles to make an interesting display.

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Paint a Lattice Wall Design

See how easy it is to paint a dynamic feature wall with a lattice pattern.


Turn an old or unused Cabinet into a Bed for Fred!

If you prefer that your dog - or cat- sleeps in their own bed, convert an old cabinet or cupboard into a bedside cabinet that's also a bed for your pet.


Flawless Paint Finish for Doors

If you use the correct method, perfect paint and quality paintbrushes you can easily achieve a flawless painted finish for doors.


This year, turn on to upcycling furniture with these handy tips

Looking for a way to give your home a new look, or perhaps it's time to give grandmas hand-me-downs a modern touch, or perhaps you just want to have fun - use these handy tips for upcycling furniture and more.


3 Hour Paint Makeover with Bosch PFS 2000 Spray System

Using a Bosch PFS spray system is an easy and professional way to give old or secondhand furniture a brand new look - in under 3 hours.

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Easy way to apply stencils

Create a wonderfully unique design to walls using this affordable way to stencil on walls.


How to create a faux brick feature wall

Here's an easy way to add a faux brick wall to any room in a home. This faux brick wall is done by using finishing plaster and paint and is done in 7 easy steps.


Rust-Oleum Chalked paint for bathroom floor

We received such a great response to our feature on painting floor tiles - see below - that we wanted to share this project for painting bathroom floor tiles with Rust-Oleum Chalked paint.

How to paint floor tiles

If you're wanting to paint floor tiles but aren't sure how to proceed, see how a small tiled area is transformed using Rust-Oleum Chalked paint.

Change the look of a chest of drawers

In this project you will see how easy it is to totally change the look of a chest of drawers using paint and hardware.

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Transform old furniture with paint and hardware

An old wooden chest is given some TLC and a new life with paint and hardware.

Stencil a Concrete Floor

When you decide to rip out your grubby carpet and find the concrete slab below, here's how to paint a concrete floor to add wonderful detailing on a budget.

Paint furniture with Rust-Oleum Chalked ultra matte paint

Chalk paint has become popular because it's the perfect paint to use when you are revamping or giving old furniture a makeover.

Liming a Dining Table

Use Liberon Liming Wax to lighten up a dining table for a fresh, new look.

Transform kitchen countertops with faux marble paint technique

I come across plenty of inspiring ideas in my quest for information, and this project is one of those. See how simple and easy it is to transform kitchen countertops with a little paint and some creativity.

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Easy Way to Paint a Fireplace

Painting a brick fireplace is easy if you follow the simple steps in this feature.

Whitewash wood for aged effect

When you're making a project that requires a rustic look you can use one of these methods to whitewash wood.

Whitewash a brick wall

If you have a dark face brick wall, or perhaps a colour of brick that you don't like, you could consider applying a whitewash to the wall to lighten it up and neutralise the colour.

Chalk paint to paint a floor

Use chalk paint to paint a floor with a unique finish with your own desired pattern. You can leave natural or apply a clear coat finish.

Paintable wallpaper feature wall

Whether you add a single panel, an entire wall, or cover the back of a bookcase, paintable wallpaper gives you an easy way to create a stunning feature wall.

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A new look with chalk paint

Give dated furniture a new look for spring with Rust-Oleum Chalked Ultra Matte paint. The ultra matte chalk finish is easy to apply and looks stunning on any furniture.

How to hang wallpaper

This project shows how to hang wallpaper - the paintable kind that you can buy at Builders Warehouse - to cover up defects on a wall.

Add a vintage effect to Chalked chalk paint

With Rust-Oleum Aged Glaze and Smoked Glaze you can add a vintage touch to your Chalked chalk paint projects.


Quick Tip: Paintable Wallpaper

If your walls are not smooth (but not textured) and you don't know what to do, paintable wallpaper might be just the solution for you.


Chalk Paint on Fabric

Dress up faded fabric on upholstered chairs with chalk paint and refresh your dining set.

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Transform Pine Furniture with Paint

Pine furniture is reasonably inexpensive if you buy it raw, and you can use paint, wallpaper and other materials to give it almost any look. Give pine furniture rustic appeal or a luxe glamour.


DIY crate room divider

We show you how to make a simple room divider using wooden crates, and that can be completed in three easy steps in about five hours.

Chalk painted furniture

The popularity of chalk painted furniture continues to grow, as more people realise how easy it is to paint furniture with chalk paint.

Painting tips for your home

Many homeowners use the holiday season to catch up on home improvement projects. In this article we look at painting projects on a variety of surfaces; from brick to tiles.

Prominent Paints paving paint adds curb appeal

It has been over a year now since I laid new paving down when making changes to the front entrance at my house. Time to add a coat of paint to dress the bricks and add curb appeal.

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Give old furniture a new look

With its solid framework, all this old dresser needed was a bit of sanding, some fresh paint, and new cabinet hardware. With a little elbow grease an old cabinet was given a new lease on life.

Paint a cabinet with Rust-Oleum Chalked paint

Rust-Oleum's velvety-smooth ultra matte Chalked paint makes painting furniture easy. The ultra matte finish adds a luxury finish to previously painted or varnished furniture.

Add a stencil design to a dining table 

Here's a popular trend for adding a stencilled design onto a dining table. It's a great way to add flair to a reclaimed wood or old fashioned dining table.

Easy ways to transform a pine dresser 

Make your own or buy a ready-made chest of drawers, there are so many ways to turn the humble, pine chest of drawers into a spectacular feature piece. 


Paint a plain rug

Here's an easy way to add a new look to a plain, inexpensive low-pile, coir, sisal or jute rug. All you need is some paint and masking tape!


Ideas and tips for painted wood floors

If you are looking for ideas for painting a wood floor, we have put together a selection of images that show the many ways the a floor can be painted, whether in a solid colour or with a patterned design.

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Upcycle old furniture

Old furniture deserves a second chance... Even veneer or laminate furniture can be given a modern revamp to become beautiful and practical pieces for a home.

Update with metallic spray paint

Here's an easy and affordable way to use Rust-Oleum Universal metallic spray paint to update or add a metallic finish to furniture.

Paint around built-ins

When repainting a room it isn't always possible to remove fittings from walls, especially built-in fixtures and fittings. We offer an easy way to paint around built-ins.

Plain pine chest of drawers becomes a feature piece

You don't need to spend a fortune to include feature pieces or accent furniture to a home - All you need is some plain pine furniture and imagination.

Use Chalked paint on dark wood furniture

Rust-Oleum's Chalked ultra matte paint is perfect for transforming dark furniture into wonderful painted pieces that match the decor in your home.

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Add stencil detail to projects

Using reclaimed or pallets is still trending and in this article you will find out how easy it is to add your own stencil wording to whitewashed planks.

Finish chalk painted furniture

When painting furniture with chalk paint, any brand of chalk paint, you have the option to use antique wax for finishing. Here are a few tips to consider when waxing chalk-painted furniture.

Easy way to dress up furniture

Grab a can of Rust-Oleum Chalked paint at your local Builders and transform secondhand bargains into pieces you love.

Makeover with Rust-Oleum Chalked paint

After being given a tin of Rust-Oleum Chalked ultra matt paint, I couldn't wait to transform this secondhand Oregon Pine dresser.

Use paint to achieve 3D effects

Paint doesn't have to be flat when you can use it to add 3D detail and modern paint effects to transform dull living spaces. Here are some ideas for modern paint techniques that are anything but boring!

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Tips for painting furniture ombre effect

Being able to use paint to transform raw pine, wooden or melamine furniture is an affordable way to give dated or boring furniture a brand new look.

Secondhand saves you a bundle

With access to Internet, buying secondhand furniture has become a popular trend when combined with today's ability to paint furniture with ease.

Refurbish laminate or melamine furniture

I was recently asked to refurbish a baby compactum. Made of SupaLam, which is a thin laminate applied over SupaWood, the compactum was scratched and chipped and the basket drawers on one side were falling apart. 

Tips for painted ceilings that look good

Ceilings tend to receive the least amount of attention when it comes to decorating, but here are a few tips to let your ceilings be a feature rather than an eyesore!

Finishing tips for MDF and wood projects

I know from personal experience how rewarding it can be to make your own furniture and decor accessories. What can be confusing are the various methods for finishing a project. Should you paint, stain, varnish or wax?

Paint RhinoLite

Here are some tips from Prominent Paints for painting over previously painted RhinoLite.

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Makeover pine furniture

Pine furniture is reasonably affordable but doesn't add much in the way of style. We show you how to makeover plain pine furniture into more attractive pieces.


Painted staircase

In an older double-storey home a wooden staircase is a traditional feature. If you are looking to remove carpet or update a staircase, here's a way to dress up a wood treads and risers for a modern look.

Makeover with paint, paper and ModPodge

This project details how a chest of drawers is transformed using paint, scrapbook paper and ModPodge and showcases how you can take an old fashioned piece of furniture, like this chest of drawers, and turn it into a prized possession that you want to have out on display.

Paint furniture with home made chalk paint

Chalk paint is one of the easiest paints to make at home and you can make chalk paint in an unlimited variety of colours if you do it yourself.

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Use metallic foil to add a touch of glam to furniture

Metallic foil wrapping papers offer a simple and affordable way to add the lustrous look of metal to any paintable surface. Metallic foil offers a great way to update any piece, whether you want to cover the entire surface or just accent a few select portions.

How to whitewash wood panelling

It might be winter, but in the spirit of the coming spring I am writing a couple of features on whitewashing techniques. The first offers instructions on how to whitewash furniture, and this article looks at whitewashing pine or tongue and groove walls and ceilings.

How to whitewash furniture

You either love or hate whitewashed furniture but it is just one of the ways to decorate a home to suit your personal style. It's also an affordable and easy way to lighten dark wood or add a custom finish to pine furniture without destroying the piece.

How to paint upholstered furniture

I know that there are many readers who will find this project interesting. Having previously posted on painting upholstered furniture, and receiving lots of enquiries on this topic, I thought it might be nice to share another painted upholstery project with you.

Refinishing furniture

Refinishing old or secondhand furniture has become one of the hottest trends over the past few years. Not only does it allow you to revamp bargain furniture, it's also a way to put old pieces relegated to the garden shed or garage back into use in a home.

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Food colouring = Wood stain

Some of the wood stain colours that you find on the shelf these days are boring and old fashioned. Any easy way to make your own colourful wood stain is to use food colouring.

Paint a ceiling with metallic paint

Add unexpected drama and elegance to a plain dining room with a metallic ceiling trimmed with pine or supawood moulding. The Plascon Metallic range of paints is an effective way to transform a ceiling into a statement.

Can I paint on fabric? Yes you can!

Yes, depending on the type of fabric you can paint it. Cottons and natural fabrics are easy to paint on, as are some of the poly-cotton blends. Plus, you can use ordinary acrylic craft paints to paint colourful designs onto upholstered furniture, or to make your own funky fabrics!

How to make chalk paint... the easy way!

If you want to make chalk paint for painting furniture, the easiest method is to combine equal quantities of interior crack filler and water, mix to a smooth past and blend into 1 cup of your acrylic paint. That's right... interior crack filler!

Use pine moulding to add detail to furniture

I have used pine moulding for adding detail to picture frames, finishing off around glass-panelled furniture, and in this project we show you how to use pine moulding to add detail to a boring chest of drawers.

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Restore antique or vintage chest of drawers

Auction sales and online auctions are a great way to discover antique or vintage pieces that have been locked away in storage for years, or left behind as part of an estate.

Metallic or Pearl stencil design on walls

There are a few local suppliers for wall stencils but the offerings are just not what you can get from international suppliers. Stencilling is one of the fads that hasn't died out, if anything it has become even more popular.

Adding painted stripes to a bathroom

Painted horizontal stripes fool the eye into thinking that a small bathroom is larger than it is, and for this reason we re-look at painting stripes on walls in a bathroom.

Can I paint the tiles in my shower?

I often get asked the question 'Can I paint the tiles in my shower?' and the answer is no, at least not at this stage. While Plascon Tile Primer and Plascon Velvaglo can be used to paint tiles on walls in a bathroom, it isn't recommended for painting tiles in a shower.

Painted chest of drawers with dandelion stencil

After finishing my dandelion art I have become quite attached to designs that feature dandelions. Not only are they extremely easy to paint onto almost anything, they look so delicate and pretty.

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Paint a tatty teddy mural

This adorable tatty teddy mural adorns the wall of a special little girl's bedroom. Painting a mural itself is not difficult - it all depends on the design you choose. Tatty teddy took 4 days to complete, but the result what oh so worth it.

How to apply vinyl wall decals

Applying wall vinyl designs to a wall is one way to add interest to a plain wall, or in this case, an empty corner in a room. In this little girl's bedroom, a custom design was printed onto vinyl and then stuck onto the wall.

Add a touch of sparkle to accent furniture

If you really want to make your accent furniture stand out and shine, then you need to add a touch of sparkle. Metallic finishes have been trendy for some time, and indications are that they will continue to be popular.

How to... strips excess wax from furniture

Holidays are a chance to sit back and relax, entertain friends and family, and also a way to catch up on all those projects you wanted to complete during the year but just never seemed to find the time.

A dining room suite goes gloss!

While painted wood is not everyone's cup of tea, where hand-me-down furniture just doesn't fit in with your decor, a can or two of Rust-Oleum spray paint can totally transform and revamp a dining suite in a weekend.

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Add a coloursplash with painted furniture

Today's range of Plascon paints are so easy to use. You can transform dated or secondhand furniture into a colourful and practical piece for your home.

Dining suite goes from dated to divine

If you are looking for a way to update or makeover furniture, treating yourself to a Bosch PFS spray system this Christmas is just the thing. This dining suite went from dated to divine with a coat of two of spray using a Bosch PFS spray system - without any mess or fuss.

Polka dot nursery

Decorating a nursery or children's bedroom can be fun... if you have a dash of creative ability. But if you don't you will love this project. This beautiful nursery is decorated in shades of pale blue and pink, with splashes of white and magenta polka dots.

Add stripes to finish off a bathroom

In many bathrooms, tiles are only installed in a single layer around the top of the bathtub, and as a splashback for the hand basin. While this idea is perfect for protecting walls from moisture, it leaves a bathroom looking unfinished.

Painting a facebrick wall

Face brick walls in your home - you either love it or hate it. They impart a sense of age and texture to a room but they can easily overwhelm a small space.

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Tips on using spray paint

Spray paints have come a long way in the last few years, especially if you use the Rust-Oleum range of spray paints. But as with every type of painting product, there are pros and cons and hints and tips that can be useful to know.

How to use spray paint

With a can or two of Rust-Oleum 2X or Painter's Touch spray paint you can liven up your kitchen colour scheme.

Distressed furniture with Rust-Oleum spray paint

Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint is an affordable way to paint furniture and there are easy ways to distress spray painted furniture if you want to create a vintage or shabby chic look. Here's how to spray paint and distress furniture.

Apply textured stripes on walls

Here's an easy way to add colour, texture and interest to a plain wall and you can use any colour combination. You will need Plascon Double Velvet in two colours, as well as a tin of Plascon Scumble Glaze.

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Ombré wall stencil design

Ombré - French for shading - is a hot trend around the world. Grab a can of Plascon Double Velvet in teal blue (or your choice of colour) and white to mix up a wall of pattern and colour for your home. Make or buy an Ombré wall stencil and get started...

How to rust sheet metal

We've looked at corrugated sheet metal as a material for interior decor, and it has just as many uses outdoors. But if you really want to create a rustic setting you might want to encourage sheet metal to rust.

Paint knotty pine walls or ceiling

Knotty pine - or tongue and groove panelling - can look amazing in a rustic home. But it can also overpower a small space, making it feel dark and claustrophobic.

Create one-of-a-kind accent furniture

Painting furniture is a wonderful way to update old furniture to fit into your space, as was the case with this old credenza. A stencilled design transform the cabinet into a stylish piece that now fits nicely into a guest bedroom.

How to make your own liming wax

Finding liming wax is not easy. There are only a few select suppliers that stock liming wax and the stuff is pretty darn expensive. Now, you know me... always try something once, blah, blah.

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Secondhand dresser revamp

Buying secondhand furniture is a great way to find those old pieces that you can work magic with. A little sanding and touch up here and there, a coat of Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint, and you have a beautifully revamped piece of furniture for your home.

Removing veneer and painting up

There are times when you come across a piece of secondhand furniture for cheap that is too good to be missed. This chest of drawers is one of those.

Need advice on painting floors?

Need to give your home a makeover? Paint is still one of the easiest and most affordable ways to instantly update a room - no matter what surface you paint. And paint is not just for walls.

Get creative with a paint roller

There are so many ways to get creative with paint effects and paint techniques and sometimes, a little out-of-the-box thinking can bring about surprising results. Like wrapping wool around a paint roller to paint on walls, wallpaper, fabric, or even furniture.

How to paint pine tongue & groove panelling

While pine tongue and groove panelling was fashionable in the seventies, now it's an eyesore in many homes - a legacy of what not to put on walls.

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How to paint French doors

Give your French doors a makeover and add a splash of colour at the same time. In this project plain white doors are painted with a medium teal to add a dose of fresh colour.

Decorate a wall with Rust-Oleum metallic paint pens

This project shows how easily you can transform a boring wall with a Rust-Oleum metallic paint pen. You will find Rust-Oleum paint pens at your local Builders Warehouse store and they come in a selection of metallic colours.

Easy painted wall adds interest

If you are looking for an easy way to add interest to a boring wall these colourful circles are right on spot ! Painted circular designs can easily infuse any room in your home with colour, pattern, and personality.

Paint effects for the modern home

Liven up a room with paint effects. Modern paint effects still incorporate some of the old techniques, but these walls are anything but dated.

How to colour wash on walls

Colour wash is a painting technique that adds a thin layer of darker colour over a previously painted surface in the same colour group. Colour washing creates soft, muted tones that can dress up drab, plain walls.

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Techniques for finishing wood

There are so many finishing techniques that you can use for wood, whether you are starting a project with new wood, or giving old wood furniture a revamp. Techniques for finishing wood can range from a high-gloss painted finish to a finish that is more rustic or natural.

Use liming wax for interior and exterior wood

Wooden doors, floors and furniture can be transformed by the simple chalky tones of liming wax. Liming has long been used as a traditional finish on exposed timbers, floorboards and furniture.

How to limewash

Limewash or liming is an excellent technique for any wood with a good natural grain that can be opened with a wire brush. Traditional liming wax has been replaced with water-based liming paste that can be sealed with varnish.

Use paint to transform ugly or dated furniture

As we look for ways to reuse, repurpose and recycle, being able to makeover or modernise old furniture is just one way to transform dated pieces and save them from the trash heap.

How to paint gingham walls

Using a paint technique for gingham walls is one way to add interest to a boring wall. Using soft shades of colour from a single paint swatch you can easily transform any room.

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How to paint furniture

Being able to paint furniture allows you to not only look around for bargains, it's also a way to customise dated or dark furniture to fit in with your style of home decorating.

How to paint concrete

Don't live with a dingy, grey concrete slab when there are so many ways to update and give concrete a makeover.

Paint effects can transform a room

Paint can do more than change the colour of a room - it can add texture, pattern and visual interest. Today's decorative painting techniques are simple and sophisticated alternatives to wallpaper.

New front door gets a paint makeover

I have lived in my home for the past 15 years and have reached the stage where I am starting to get bored with the look. It's time to make some changes. They say move or improve, and with the property market the way it is, it's definitely more improve than anything else.

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How to age or distress furniture without sanding

My original decorative side table was simply painted and then waxed with Woodoc Antique wax to protect. But if you want to age and distress the piece, here's how my version of the table came out.

How to add stripes to a wall

If you're prepared to do all the preparation for painting stripes onto a wall, they really do add interest to boring rooms. Horizontal stripes visually widen a space, while vertical stripes create the illusion of height in a room with a low ceiling.

Faux stone columns

Almost any room can benefit from a few large, impressive accent pieces, but home accessories like these tend to be expensive. These inexpensive columns are made from building forms - or carpet tubes - plus terracotta flowerpots and saucers.

How to make milk paint

As one of the oldest forms of paint, milk paint is one of the most versatile and eco-friendly paints that you can use in a home. Used for centuries to paint furniture, this completely natural paint is extremely durable once dry.

How to create a faux rust effect

For a quick and easy faux rust effect you don't always need expensive paint kits - some acrylic colour, a scruffed up paintbrush or old sea sponge, a clean cloth and some spare time are all you need.

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Stacked stone wall paint technique

Easily transform a plain wall into a feature wall with a faux-stone technique. By applying the paint in rectangles of varying sizes you can reproduce a stacked-stone effect.

How to do relief stencilling

Here's an easy way to create a raised effect - relief design - by using a stencil and paste. You can use this technique on furniture, walls and even on doors, to apply a textured design

Metallic effect for furniture

With painted furniture being hot, hot, hot at the moment, I have begun to see another trend appearing - painting furniture in a metallic finish. I think it looks absolutely glam.

How to paint a hardwood floor

While hardwood floors are beautiful, where floors are no longer looking good are cannot take any more sanding, painting offers you an opportunity to add a new look without the expense of replacing the entire floor.

How to paint a rug or carpet

I recently came across a post where a rug was painted with a stencil design. Having used my Rust-Oleum spray paints on fabric and furniture, there's no reason why you can't use it on rugs and mats as well.

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How to apply glaze to furniture

Use a glaze technique to create wonderful textures and depth to painted furniture. Glaze is normally a mixture of paint and scumble glaze combined at varying ratios to extend the drying time of paint, thereby allowing you more time to work on the effect that you want to create.

How to paint clouds on walls and ceilings

There's something so magical about clouds on walls and ceilings - they make you feel that you are floating on air. I remember as a young girl that my mom painted clouds on the ceiling and I spent so much time lying on my bed daydreaming!

Instant feature wall

Stenciling with a foam roller is by far the fastest stencilling technique, and also the easiest.  In this project we'll show you how to add an instant feature to a wall using a stencil, paint and foam roller.

How to add gilding or silver leaf to furniture

Gilding is fun, a little messy and quite time consuming on bigger pieces but the end result is fantastic! Decide on your piece to gild - perhaps start off with something small till you get used to it ....or jump in the deep end!

How to paint over tiles

Contrary to popular belief, bathroom makeovers will not break the bank. Painting over old and dated ceramic tiles will immediately transform a bathroom.

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Table makeover with distressed technique

Sometimes older pieces cry out for a bit of TLC to restore them to stunning collectibles. Here's how to create a rustic finish on a wooden side table using paint and a distressing technique.

Damask wall with pearlescent paint

The effect I wanted was a subtle backdrop to my bed on a feature wall, for that reason I didn't choose a strongly contrasting paint but rather a pearlescent paint.

Art decor stencilled wall design

Stencils are great for using to add detail to walls. In this project we show how to add an art deco themed stencil design to a hallway to dress up a plain wall.

Add a gingham pattern to walls

With just a little old fashioned elbow grease and know-how, you can create beautiful striped walls and stencilled patterns. Striped walls help give smaller rooms a sense of height and ordinary rooms some visual interest.

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How to paint furniture

If you're in the market for new furniture or looking for a way to spice up one or two pieces you already have, paint may just be the answer you're looking for. When applied correctly, paint can alter the very nature of a piece.

How to faux bois - wood grain effect

The gel formula of Woodoc Gel Stain is not quickly absorbed into the wood and means that it does not run and seep into the surrounding area, making it perfect for using with a Wood Grain Rocker to create the look of faux wood.

Clever bedroom makeover

I just had to share this bedroom makeover with you. Not only do I think that the back wall gives a lovely dramatic effect, but the cabling from the two hanging bedside lamps has been cleverly camouflaged.

No wallpaper decorating solution

Wallpaper is definitely in, and you can shop around for designs that range in price from R199 (Builders Warehouse) up to R2000 (Interior Designer) per roll. The only problem with wallpaper is that it's lovely to look at, but awful to remove once it's up.

Decorate with wall murals

If you have just a little bit of artistic talent, decorating with murals is a fun and affordable way to spice up a room, and especially a children's bedroom.

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Create a focal point or feature wall

Introduce a dramatic focal wall into a living room by stencilling a wall with a creative pattern and using paint colours to add impact.

Cherry blossom wall stencil

Random stencilling involves applying stencil designs to portions of the wall to suggest a hand painted design.

Use paint on upholstered furniture

Having done something similar in the past, I was quite surprised to come across an article in which an interior designer actually uses paint on fabric.

Go large with wallpaper

Large-scale graphic patterns prove surprisingly versatile in rooms both intimate and grand. Wallpaper let's you take texture, pattern and colour to the next level in one easy step.

How to paint designs on textured walls

Painting textured walls can be a challenge. Every time we paint, we think that we have the walls perfectly covered, until a few days later when we find tiny little dots that we missed due to the “knock down” texture.

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How to apply wood grain effect to walls and more

You can use faux bois - or wood graining - to apply a decorative effect to a feature wall in any room. It's easier and far more affordable than wallpaper and you get to choose the colours that you would like to use to match your room decor.

Opulent damask tapestry walls

This lovely stencilled wall effect adds a touch of drama to any room in a home. Use Prominent Paints Ultramatt or Ultrasatin and silver craft acrylic to create a dramatic and elegant effect.

Textured paint effect for tiles

Give outdated ceramic tile walls a new look by decoratively painting them in colours you love.

How to distress furniture

I love the look of distressed furniture, even though I don't have a single piece in my home. My personal style is more modern with a touch of eclecticism. There is something that appeals to the inner me - a desire to make but not to own.

Colour blocking effect for walls

Colour blocks allow you to play around with colour in a small way. It's also an inexpensive way to introduce colour into a home by using tester pots to create colour blocks.

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Add drama with large patterned walls

For a one-of-a-kind look that is more personal than wallpaper, grab some blackboard chalk and start sketching. In the dining room shown here, a swirly floral wallpaper pattern design was adopted as a larger, looser drawing for a fresh, whimsical effect.

Paint two-tone walls

To create the effect of patinaed plaster you need to apply two different colours of glaze over a base coat of paint. The technique works well with colours from the same family, but can also work with unrelated colours.

Twig design for walls and panels

Decorative moulding can help make a large room feel more intimate, but those rectangles can also be a challenge to work with. The solution came in the form of gentle tree branches, a natural motif for a room with a garden view.

Lace design for painted floors

Concrete has become today's eco-friendly choice for modern homes. Whether polished, etched, tinted or painted, there are many options available for decorating a concrete floor and other types of flooring as well.

Faux stone or painted brick wall

Painting a surface to look like it is made of stone blocks or bricks is a versatile technique because you can customise the size, shape, arrangement, and colour of the blocks or bricks in the finished treatment.

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Have fun with paint

We all know by now that paint is one of the most affordable ways to add colour to a home, but more than that, paint offers an opportunity to design and create unique interiors.

Decorate walls with tone-on-tone colour

Choosing the same colour and using different tones to decorate a room has a calming and pure effect like no others will.

Faux paint techniques

The '80s ruined faux. Suddenly, amateurs started taking a Renaissance-era art technique and applying it to everything from stereo cabinets to kitchen walls. The result? A bad reputation!

How to whitewash furniture

Whitewashing brings out details. Although you can whitewash almost any wood item, whitewashing really shines on projects that feature carved details, turned legs, and interesting grains.

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How to do a dragging technique

Dragging produces delicately interwoven lines, rather than high-contrast stripes of colour and glaze. Although dragging looks great as a treatment on an accent wall, you can use this versatile technique for an entire room as well.

Colour blocking technique for walls

If wallpaper isn't your thing but you're dying for a splash of colour and pattern, then colour blocking may be just the technique you're looking for. Colour blocking is done by selecting zones on a wall or ceiling and painting them a different colour from the main wall colour.

Applying paint with a trowel

You can easily create the look of old, faded adobe walls simply by applying the paint with a variety of trowels. The process of troweling paint is basically goof-proof.

Decorate with strie paint technique

Strie is similar to dragging and involves the use of two paint colours, one of which is mixed with scumble glaze, to create a two-tone brushed effect on walls. You can brush horizontally, vertically or in both directions for a linen effect.

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Faux bamboo feature wall

Bamboo walls are a popular way to evoke the faraway cultures of Asia and painted bamboo finish can be a stylish substitute for expensive wall coverings without their potential fraying and easy soiling.

Create a faux stone wall

Painting a wall to look like stones is easier than you might think. Starting off with small projects will provide you with the experience necessary to be able to tackle larger projects in your home.

How to add verdigris faux effect or patina

Verdigris allows you to add another element to decor accessories and fittings, such as wrought iron, etc. Transform burglar bars with a delicate verdigris patina to create a beautiful aged effect.

How to age and distress raw pine furniture

Distressing unfinished pine furniture gives it antique charm with an aged look that allows you to buy affordable furniture and create a reproduction piece for a home.

How to wood grain on supawood or board

Wood graining simulates wood grain using paints and effects finishes. Use this technique where wood might normally have been used. In the majority of cases, it is best to use tones of the same colour. Usually the basecoat is lighter than the effects finish applied to the top.

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How to create a Tuscan wall effect

Tuscan accents is a two-colour paint process resembling antique Italian finishes in its unmistakable warmth and character. Bringing to mind old-world charm, it will add a sense of history to your decor.

Go faux for effect

The recent resurgence of interest in decorative paint effects shouldn’t make you think they’re new techniques: we have been using whatever has been at hand to decorate our environment for millennia.

Create an instant feature wall

Give any room in your home a splash of serious style with a new, modern wallpaper. You will find a varied selection of wallpaper at your local Builders Warehouse.

Colour block walls

If you're still afraid to experiment with colour in your home, here's a way to add small amount of colour and make a big impact ... Try blocks of colour to introduce colour into your decorating scheme.

Tips on How to Paint Your Doors and Ceilings

Use these tips by professionals to paint your doors and ceiling, and you will learn to paint your own house.

Hiring a House Painter

While painting a wall, or even an entire room, may be a fun DIY project, painting an entire home (especially the exterior) is often too difficult of a task for just one person.

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