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Add some Textured Shimmer to Walls

Paintable wallpaper that can be found at Builders Warehouse, is an easy way to introduce a touch of textured shimmer to a feature wall.


Credit: Referenced from Gallo images / Home Magazine

Paintable wallpaper is an easy and cost-effective method for adding some texture and shimmer to a plain room. You can use paintable wallpaper and metallic paint to add just a dash of metallic elegance to any room.







Fired Earth paintable wallpaper, damask pattern

Fired Earth brushed metal paint, we use Foxy

Wallpaper adhesive

Sponge roller

Soft sponge

Painting equipment



1. Install the wallpaper as per the recommended instructions. You will find helpful tips for installing wallpaper in this article. Use only a quality wallpaper adhesive such as Perfax Wallpaper Adhesive. A single sachet covers approximately 4m2.

2. Make sure to smooth out all the bubbles with a soft sponge when it is still wet to ensure an even application once it has dried. Allow the wallpaper to dry completely overnight before moving on to the next step.







GOOD TO KNOW: With paintable wallpaper you can quite easily create a textured feature wall. In this project we used Fired Earth metal paint in Foxy, but you can finish in your choice of colour. Builders offer a varied selection of paintable wallpapers that are easy to apply and can be coated with any of Fired Earth's water-based Brushed Metal paints.

3. Economical and affordable, Fired Earth’s Brushed Metal has a spread rate of 6 to 8m2 per one litre. The wall will require two coats and you need to allow for at least four hours of drying time between coats. Let the paint cure on the wallpaper for 24 hours before you hang anything against the wall.



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