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A New Way To Decorate The Home - Painted Arches

Tired of all the square walls, rectangular rooms and sharp edges? Then why not discover a new decorating method that is taking the decorating industry by storm - painted arches.



We have had geometric walls, we have had chevron walls, we've painted blocks in different colours and we have even wallpapered a few walls, but now there's something different that everyone is doing in their homes - painted arches.

For those who prefer to keep up with trends, or those tired of all the square walls, rectangular rooms and sharp corners, painted arches are a winning way to give your home a new look with paint and since paint is the most affordable way to give any home a makeover, it won't break the budget and can be done over a weekend.





When you don't have the budget or energy to paint all the walls in a room, now there's an easy way to add interest, a focal point or an eye-catching feature. All you need is a 1 litre can of paint, paintbrush and some painter's tape and you are ready to go. Painted arches on walls are the trend of the moment and it's easy to see why.







Painted arches instantly add interest to a plain wall and are perfect for creating a focal point in a boring room.


If you like the idea of adding a painted arch above a piece of furniture, try to tie the colour in with something already in the room. It can be something as simple as a colourful cushion on your settee or a painting on the wall, simply choose a colour from the piece selected and use this colour for your painted arch.


Not afraid of going bold? There's always the opportunity to use bold colours, again taken from items already in the room, to make a vivid splash of colour that immediately stands out on a plain wall, or better yet, paint your wall arch in black for a standout feature.







Use a painted wall arch in subtle or muted hues to create an interesting vignette in any room in the home.





1. Decide on the location for the wall arch and how wide and high you want the arch to be.

2. The easy way to create the arch shape is to start off with a rectangle shape. Use a tape measure to determine the centre at the top of the rectangle and tap in a nail at this point.

3. Wrap a piece of string onto the nail that is as long as half the width of the rectangle. At the other end of the string, tie a pencil in place. Now you can draw a perfect half-circle at the top to finish off the arch shape.

4. Use painter's tape to outline the shape and prevent paint on the surrounding wall. Don't use masking tape, as this still allows paint to bleed under the tape. Painter's tape is the best.

Now you are ready to paint your wall arch. Have fun!



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