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Upcycle a Bedside Cabinet with Chalk Paint

When your bedroom needs an update, it's easy to transform furniture with chalk paint.


Furniture is expensive to replace, and more so if you have solid hardwood furniture. Chalk paint gives you the freedom to upcycle dated or dark furniture - without damaging the actual piece. Why not give a bedside cabinet a new look with chalk paint?

It's as easy as ready-steady-go when using Annie Sloan chalk paint to upcycle or give any piece of furniture a makeover. Not only that, chalk paint is very easy to apply and dries quickly, so you won't have to wait long to see the finished result.







Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in 2 colours

Selection of brushes

Annie Sloan Clear Wax

OPTIONAL: Annie Sloan white or black wax










So let's go step-by-step through the process and you will see for yourself just how easy it is...


1. To achieve the geometric pattern on the front of the bedside cabinet we used two colours.  The painted triangle on the front is so easy to achieve and very trendy, but you can choose your own design if you prefer. Paint the entire cabinet with the base coat, focusing mostly on the area that will be outside the triangle shape or your own design. Apply a thick coat of paint and move your brush in every direction to create beautiful brush marks.

GOOD TO KNOW: Using a bristle brush lets you create a little bit of texture that is needed to make the white or black wax stand out.

2. Let the base coat dry completely before using painter's tape to outline the triangle or your own design shape on the front of the bedside cabinet. Apply the second colour inside the painter's tape using the bristle brush for texture.

3.  Let the paint dry before brushing on Clear Wax. To apply the wax you can use a wax brush or a lint-free cloth.

4. Gently work the wax into the surface and use a clean cloth to wipe away any excess.






5. Now you can apply white or black wax onto the base coat colour – pushing it into any details or crevices. Wipe away any excess.

GOOD TO KNOW: The longer the white or black wax is left after being applied, the stronger the colour. Take the time to experiment to find out what works best for you. If you apply too much, use the clear wax to erase!

So easy... Now you know how you can easily upcycle any piece of furniture in your home to give it a fresh, new look. 



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