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Add a touch of sparkle to accent furniture

If you really want to make your accent furniture stand out and shine, then you need to add a touch of sparkle. Metallic finishes have been trendy for some time, and indications are that they will continue to be popular. But it's not just about being trendy... adding gilding or leaf, or spraying furniture in a metallic finish really allows accent pieces to shine.


New paint products on the market make it easy to give boring furniture a shimmering makeover, and if you don’t like it... you can always paint over it and start again! And painting furniture doesn't mean you destroy or spoil the original. Plascon RemovAll paint remover is an eco-friendly way to remove paint if you ever want to restore a piece to its original condition.





Update my chest of drawers

This secondhand drawer unit might have started off looking a little bit worn and weary, but with some TLC, paint and mirrors it has become a modern vintage piece. Sanded down to bare wood and then fixed up with wood filler and QuikWood, the drawer unit received two coats of Rust-Oleum 2X gloss winter gray spray paint before having mirrors cut to size and glued in place. The design on the top front drawer was done using a Rust-Oleum silver metallic leafing pen and the handles painted with Rust-Oleum Universal titanium silver spray.

A golden touch for bedside cabinets

After sanding down a matching pair of bedside cabinets, the bases were primed and painted with Rust-Oleum Universal pure gold and the tops stained with Woodoc gel stain in antique oak before buffing up with antique wax.

After painting the bases, a glaze comprising of burnt umber craft paint and scumble glaze was applied to the bases to give them a wonderful vintage look.



An elegant secretary

This secondhand secretary desk needed quite a bit of fixing up, especially removing the hideous faux wood grain paint. First, a primer coat and then a base coat of Rust-Oleum Bright Coat Silver Metallic spray paint. This product gives a lavish shine.

After the first coat of Rust-Oleum Bright Coat you can still see the brush strokes from the primer coat. If you don't want this, sand down the primer coat before you spray. After painting, a glaze comprising of black craft paint and scumble glaze was applied to the painted finish for a vintage look. The original brass hardware was cleaned, polished and re-attached.

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