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How to create a rust effect

For a quick and easy faux rust effect you don't always need expensive paint kits - some acrylic colour, a scruffed up paintbrush or old seasponge, a clean cloth and some spare time are all you need.


You will need some acrylic paint in three colours:
- black
- brown
- orange





This faux rust paint technique is suitable for all sorts of indoor and outdoor items, including terracotta or concrete garden ornaments, lamps, and any other items you want to appear aged and rusted. If, after you have finished, you want a more textured effect, add some silica/sand to the paint to roughen it up and create a true rusted feel to your project.

To protect your finish you have the option to apply a clear, polyurethane sealer over the top. I like to use Rust-Oleum polyurethane spray varnish, as it leaves a perfectly smooth surface once dry.