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Age or distress pine furniture

Distressing unfinished pine furniture gives it antique charm with an aged look that allows you to buy affordable furniture and create a reproduction piece for a home.



Unfinished raw pine piece
Dremel Versaflame
Woodoc 10 and stain concentrate
Rags and a paintbrush
Bosch multi sander or orbital sander






1. Look for bargains at a pine shop, preferably a piece that you don’t mind beating up a bit. If it already has dents, nicks and marks, you’re well on your way to creating a completely different piece.

2. Get creative with your hand tools and mark up the piece by banging it with the hammer, scratching it with a screwdriver or denting it with a wrench. You may want to distress only the areas that would normally see a lot of wear and tear such as around the knobs or handles, along the edges and around the feet.

3. After beating on your piece of furniture, use a multi sander and smooth the top edges ever so slightly. Start sanding a little and step back to see if you like the look, if not, you can always sand more.

4. With a blowtorch, lightly run the flame over the table, back and forth so the flame doesn’t stop too long on any one area. Focus on the edges to advance the antiqued look. Go slowly so you don’t do too much.

5. Apply stain with a paint brush and immediately wipe off the excess with a rag. Work in small section, until you reach your desired finish. Let dry completely.