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Why buy wallpaper when you can stencil a metallic design

Wallpaper is definitely in, and you can shop around for designs that range in price from R199 (Builders Warehouse) up to R2000 (Interior Designer) per roll. The only problem with wallpaper is that it's lovely to look at, but awful to remove once it's up.


Instead of going to all the bother, why not think about stencilling a design directly onto the wall. With so many colours and paints to choose from you are only limited by your imagination - and the amount of time you have to spare.


Stencil A
Stencil B
Stencil C
Sharp craft knife and cutting mat
Masking tape
Bostik spray adhesive
Spirit level
Foam roller and paint tray
Drop cloths
Prominent Paints - matt, satin or sheen for base and top colour






1. Print out the design or click on the stencils A, B and C - save them in a folder and then print them out in landscape format.

2. Cut out the pattern with a craft knife, leaving the lines within the dashes and the negative space like this:

Although on the original painted design the gaps between cut out blocks have been filled in, this isn't absolutely necessary and will cut down on the time spent painting.

3. Spray the back of the stencil with sprayable adhesive and then use masking tape on sides and/or top as necessary to keep in position.

4. Place on the wall starting at the upper left corner. Use a level to ensure the sides are level (check your wall first to make sure; if not, adjust accordingly).

5. Roll evenly with paint using a small foam roller and tray.

6. Remove stencil. Now fill in the spaces left behind from the lines holding the stencil together. Dry with a hair dryer to speed up the process.

NOTE: If you are using pearlescent or iridescent paint, touch-ups may be visible so you'll need to test which method of touchup of works best for you.

7. Carefully overlap the pattern all the way down to the trim or bottom of the wall, checking to ensure the right side is level with each new stencil. When you are ready to start a new column, overlap stencil over existing paint and paint where there ain't none. For a nice contrast without being to overpowering, use Prominent matt for the base coat and Prominent Sheen for the stencil design - both in the same colour.